The Pixie Press – February 2015



The Pixie Press – February 4, 2015


Hi, Pixies!

Welcome to the latest issue of The Pixie Press! 😀

The Pixie Press is a newsletter covering the latest Pixie Hollow news from the Pixie Hollow Forums (PHF), Disney Fairies website, other pixies’ blogs, and various other websites.

As always, your questions, suggestions, and feedback are welcomed and encouraged! I’m publishing this newsletter for YOU, so tell me what you like and want to see more of so I can make changes in future issues ❤

If you are a writer who is interested in contributing to future issues, please email me directly:

Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust,
♥ Marigold


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*~*Pixie Hollow Magazine*~*
Written by Sapphire Iceflame
Edited by Marigold Sunjewel

Hey peeps! It’s your pixie pal S’phire here with some seriously exciting news to share 😀

Did you know that there’s a Facebook site called the Pixie Hollow Magazine that’s still active today???


The magazine was opened back on March 2, 2012, and says it’s maintained by the following fairy administrators:

Boss/Founder: Ashley Prettyglimmer (Ashes)
Co-Boss: June Cuteheart (Junebug)
Admin: Daphne Apple
Fashion Section/Admin: Seawind
Beta Admins: Crystal Diamonddust, Vanessa Twinklelily
Isabel Twinkleriver (Izzy)

The magazine is updated fairly often, so I would suggest stopping by weekly. Most of the current posts seem to be coming from a fairy named Shinymist, but there’s no mention of her in the “About” section…weird :-/

There are TONS of images, artwork and edits to look through – AND they have contests AND celebrate Pixie Hollow events!!! 😀


Plus, click here to flap over to admin Daphne Apple’s You Tube Channel to watch all kinds of insanely awesome Pixie Hollow vids. My absolute fav is the one where Daphne and her friend Glen reenact “A Whole New World” as Aladdin and Princess Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin:

Also linked to the PH magazine is another Facebook site called Karma Moonshadow’s Majestic Edits:


 Karma has some mad editing skills!!! She fulfills requests for 2D and 3D pixie edits and they are STUNNING:




Cya soon! ❤



PHF Poll: If Pixie Hollow came back for one day, what would you do?

Clover: Take a whole lot of screenshots. A whole lot. And dress up. Then take more pictures. (This is me getting out my stress of how I forgot to take screenshots when PH closed.)

Lily Snowfleck: Well, the first thing I would to is move my fairy super fast with my mouse until my hand couldn’t move anymore. Using my left hand, I would save a bunch of PDF files for my fairy Daisy (Since I don’t have any), and I would also save a lot more PDF files of Lily in different outfits…There are never enough!

Pearl Lilydew: First, I would take a ton of screenshots of my pixie. Then I would go back and enjoy all the games that I can no longer play.

Amber Rosevine: Out of everything in Pixie Hollow, my favorite’s got to be the wilderness adventures. I haven’t done one in forever, and I missed how much fun they were!

Lemon: If it came back for a day, I would be on it 24 hours.

Marigold’s Musings: I would also go CRAZY taking screen shots while I did everything I could possibly do within 24 hours. One day would never be enough, though…It would just make me miss PH even more 😦



PHF Poll: What made you choose your fairy’s talent?

Hazel Brightsparkle: I had a name/talent contest on the forums and the name “Hazel” and “Light Talent” won. I love being a Light Talent. It makes me feel happier and bubbly. I also love everything to do with light. Light is so very fascinating to study scientifically, also.

Twilight: Well, when I made Twilight, Tinker Talent was not an option. I wanted that one because, at the time, the only Disney fairy I knew was Tinker Bell. I chose water because of the color and the dewdrop was pretty.

Pearl Lotusfeather: I have always liked water, swimming, the ocean, rain and so on and from the books I always thought being a water talent would be cool.

Alexia Hollyheart: For me, a tinker-talent fell closer to my heart than any other talent. Problem-solving type tasks are what I enjoy the most, and I like to have everything done perfectly (but still I do mess up quite a lot!). Plus, the first movie was all about Tinker Bell realizing that your talent makes you who you are, so I wouldn’t mind if my fairy could not visit the Mainland — who would want to leave such magical place as Never Land? Though, the color may have also played a large role in my talent choice. I think it was more of a “bonus” as green would have to be my favorite color.

Ella Roseplume: When I made Ella, I didn’t know any of the Disney fairies except Tinker Bell, but I thought gardening was the most truly fairy-like talent because that’s what fairy folklore has always been about.

Strawberry Mangoflight: At the time, my favorite fairy was Silvermist or Rani, so I chose their talent – water.

Marigold’s Musings:  I really put a lot of thought into choosing my talent. I remember being a little disappointed that there weren’t more talents to choose from (at that time, Tinker-Talent was not an option), but I read through each one carefully before deciding that Garden-Talent was the best fit based off my interests. Because of that talent choice, I wanted my fairy to have a flower-based name. There were many flower names to choose from, but Marigold stuck out to me instantly because my family grows a ton of them in our gardens every year. Best decisions I ever made ❤



PHF Poll: Has it been hard for you moving on from PH?

Eve Stardust: I’m slowly getting over it. Yeah, its hard–some days are especially harder than others–but I know that my fairies will never truly be gone forever. (Plus, I put pictures of them in my locker, so whenever I’m having a crummy day I can just open my locker and see their cheerful faces looking back at me.)

Scarlet: I was very attached to the game, but I have almost fully moved on. I mean, the game could have stayed on forever, right? And I got super busy so I never really got time to play! I will still miss it, though.

River Morningvalley: I was devastated when it closed, but I have kind of gotten over it. Don’t get me wrong, I was highly attached to Pixie Hollow. But, before it closed, I felt that I really prepared myself and used my last time on the Hollow beautifully. I wore my Arrival Day outfit before I logged out for the last time, as that was a sign of new beginnings. I’m going to miss Pixie Hollow so much, but it will forever be in my heart…

Olivia Diamondsky: I miss it terribly! I haven’t found anything as good as it was, and I HAVE looked too!

Night Wish: Yes, I still miss it terribly, but I’m getting over it. The forums are really helping me, and I believe, a lot of others as well.

Daisybelle: This is very hard for me! I would always naturally go to the site, and fly as long as I want to. When I am sad, I fly. When the weather is bad, I fly. When I am tired, I fly. Pixie Hollow was the only solution.

Wallflower Pearlily: Pixie Hollow was a big part of my day. I always looked forward to going on and changing outfits, feeding my animal friends, and saying hi to all my friends there. Now it feels like I’m forgetting to do something. There is a void in my day. It was also my way of letting go of my worries and just having fun.

Lila Starshine: It does seem to get a bit worse as time goes on, I’m still obsessed with Googling Disney Interactive to see if they’ve had any press releases, and I also miss the stress relief and escape of flying into the Hollow for however long I wanted to!

Marigold’s Musings: I still miss Pixie Hollow terribly 😦  Even though I’m still mourning the loss of my beloved Hollow, that doesn’t mean I’m still crying my eyes out or feeling depressed like I did back when it first closed. The scars will always remain, but time and friends have helped heal the wounds ❤


Thank you for reading! 🙂

Please leave any thoughts or comments below. I’d love to hear from you ❤

♥ Marigold



29 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Rose MorningMist on February 5, 2015 at 12:35 am

    Nice post Marigold! 😀

    Would like to know: is the pixie press on Facebook? because if it is, I won’t be able to participate 😦


  2. Posted by Crystal Cutetwinkle on February 5, 2015 at 11:49 am

    Me neither.


  3. That’s great news, Marigold, it’s amazing to sew that stuff like The Pixie Hollow Magazine is still active now. 🙂

    I think that the staff of this magazine had also uploaded a video for Fairy ABC or Worliz (I don’t exactly remember) , and that’s how I had heard about this magazine.

    Fly with You!



  4. Posted by Carrie Tuliptwist on February 5, 2015 at 11:50 pm

    Great post :).It makes me really happy when i see posts about pixie hollow news and such 🙂


  5. Posted by Raindrop on February 6, 2015 at 6:59 am

    *Clap, clap*
    Loved this post Marigold – especially what other Pixies had to say about those 3 questions 😀 Or was it two questions…
    ♥ Raindrop


    • Thanks, Raindrop! 😀 I really enjoy writing these newsletters, but it takes a lot of time of researching and such, which is why I don’t publish them more often…
      It was 3 questions 😉


  6. Wonderful post Marigold. All your post r awesome . 🙂


  7. Well Marigold, I am so glad to have finally found a Blog for Pixie Hollow. I just found you last week and I am glad to be able to post comments with other Fairy Friends. Happy Fairy Friendship Festival. Fairy Hugs to You All.
    I am confused about Raindrops comments about the Beginning of the end.?


  8. Posted by Silver Icejewel on February 8, 2015 at 2:54 pm

    Wonderful post!

    I don’t know if this idea would change anything, but do you think maybe if we showed Disney this first issue of the Pixie Press, they might reconsider and open it back up? It would show Disney how much we care for it and miss it.

    Another thing, how do pixies get chosen to answer the Pixie Press polls?


    • Thank you, Silver! 😀

      It never hurts to try…Thanks for the suggestion ❤

      The polls are posted on the Pixie Hollow Forums, so all members of the forums can vote. I just pick a handful to display on The Pixie Press 😉


      • Posted by Silver Icejewel on February 9, 2015 at 12:33 pm

        Ah, okay. Let us know if Disney looks at it : )

        Another question; what does a writer for the newsletter do? I may be interested in writing for it.


        • I will 🙂

          Basically, newsletter writers will email me with an idea for a story they would like to write for The Pixie Press. If approved, the writer then writes the story and emails it to me with images, links, etc. I then copy and paste it into my blog post once it’s been edited. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please email me with your idea 🙂


  9. Hey I was featured in one of the PHF polls yay (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


  10. Posted by Crystal Airshine on February 22, 2015 at 4:18 pm

    Wow this was so well-made! Thank you for sharing Marigold 🙂
    I wonder how Karma will react when I tell her she was featured here :3 hehe(Her edits are indeed amazing aren’t they? 😮 )


  11. Karma’s edits are so awesome! 😀


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