The Beginning of the End

Thought I should share this with pixies on Marigold’s blog :
Enjoy 😉
♥ Raindrop

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new hope

When all the oceans overthrow, all the mountains turn to dust and all hope seems lost, a bright blogging community join together, unite and petition to save their foundation in life. But with no luck. 

Hiya Pixies, Raindrop here 🙂

I thought I should start of this post with a bit of a “daring” start. This post is quite meaningful if I tell you the reason behind it :

I was reading Marigold’s blog with the new Pixie Press page going and I came across a post called “2 Days Left”. Some comments from Sarah had me heartbroken. I wasn’t there for the petition – but I still understand the annoyance and yet sadness of uncontrollable emotions.

But with the past staying as the past, I thought to look ahead to NOW. Where we are Pixies lost in a world of no world, Pixies still trying to find the scattered remains of…

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2 responses to this post.

  1. I am a bit confused by your comments. The Beginning of the end? We already had the end, September 19, 2013. I do appreciate all the information in the Blogs though. It is fun to be able to read how other Fairies are doing in the real world.


    • Posted by Raindrop on February 9, 2015 at 4:41 am

      The Beginning of the End is my way of saying “The Re-birth AFTER Pixie Hollow’s closure”
      The computer is a great invention; and so is WordPress is too 😛
      ♥ Raindrop


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