Lost – Adventures in Neverland

This is from one of my great Guest Authors Rose Morningmist – she shows great and unbelievable dedication to her blogging – worth a whole heap of praise and applause 😀
♥ Raindrop

Raindrop's Reveries

Hiya all,

Wow, this must be my longest post yet!

So you may have noticed that this post is on 4 different blogs, and there is a simple explanation for this: IT IS VERY IMPORTANT.

But before I share that news, I have a few things to tell you first, some which you may already know, but hey, I’m writing for four blogs here, so just bear with me.

For starters, I am glad to say thatRaindrop’s Reverieshas been re-opened! Though, you would already know this if you’re reading this post on Raindrops Blog (as I am now a guest author on it – which you would also know if you are reading this on Raindrop’s Blog 😛 🙂 )

Next, Marigold’s Sweet Week is officially started!

At the beginning of the year, she started doing the events that PH used to do, such as Art Month, and…

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