2015 Spring Celebration

 The 2015 Events Committee proudly presents:


Please join us for the Spring Celebration! The official first day of Spring is this Friday, March 20, but we’re kicking off the celebration a couple of days early to tidy up the Hollow and prep for the Minister of Spring’s arrival 🙂

This event includes:

  • Tinker Bell’s Workshop Cleanup
  • Chat with Fairy Friends
  • Spring in Pixie Hollow

Lend a wing and play Tinker Bell’s Workshop Cleanup 🙂

To chat with fairy friends, please visit Crystal Airshine’s Blog and Minerva’s Blog. These chat boxes are available 24/7, so please stop by whenever you have a chance, because you never know who might be waiting there  😉

Love spring? See below for details on how your spring-themed story or art work can be featured in this post!


 Tinker Bell’s Workshop Cleanup

It’s time for some spring cleaning in Pixie Hollow, and even the famous fairies could use some help! Click below to help Cheese the mouse cleanup Tink’s workshop:

Spring Game


Spring in Pixie Hollow

This Spring in Pixie Hollow section will feature spring-themed items from Marigold’s Musings’ readers and event committee members. These items can include the following:

  • Flower-inspired fairy outfits
  • Short stories (around 500 words)
  • Poems
  • Recipes
  • Arts and crafts
  • Edits
  • Hand drawings

Again, ALL PIXIES are welcome to email Marigold (marigoldsunjewel@gmail.com) spring-themed items to be added to this event post from now until April 4, 2015.

Check back often as this post will be updated regularly with new entries throughout the event! 🙂


Everblossom Cupcake Recipe

Growing in the Spring Woods section of Pixie Hollow is a single flower called the Everblossom. The garden-talent fairies wait with great anticipation for this bud to bloom, and when it does, they know it’s time to fly to the Mainland to help change winter to spring! You and your fairy friends are sure to find these sweet Everblossom cupcakes an equally welcome sight  🙂

Click the image below for the recipe:

EB recipe


Silvermist’s Dewdrop Bracelets

Being a water-talent mentor fairy, Silvermist is an expert at putting dewdrops on spider webs. Luckily, these sparkly bracelets are a cinch for novice fairies to string – especially if you make the faux gem dewdrops beforehand 😉

Click the image below for instructions:

Dewdrop craft


Spring-Themed Short Stories


Carrie woke up to the sound of birds chirping and the smell of fresh flowers in her garden outside her ice-themed house. As soon as she opened her eyes, she leapt right out of bed because today was the first day of one of her most favorite events in Pixie Hollow: the Spring Celebration! She got into her favorite spring-time dress and checked her leaf journal for the message she wanted to see.

“Here it is!” Carrie exclaimed excitedly as she read aloud the message that was in her leaf journal.

Fly to Rosetta’s garden for a new quest to help with spring!

“Awesome!” Carrie shouted as she closed her leaf journal and flew over to Rosetta’s garden. Carrie had been flying as fast as she could, because she was very eager to help with the preparations for spring.

When she knocked on Rosetta’s door, she heard, “Come in, Carrie!”

Carrie was quite startled by this. How had Rosetta known she was coming? She opened the door and flew inside.

“How did you know I was coming, Rosetta?” Carrie asked.

Rosetta laughed, “It was obvious you would be here first, Sugar Cube. You’re always the most excited to help out. Come with me and I’ll show you what you can do,” Rosetta chuckled.

“Okay!” Carrie exclaimed excitedly.

Carrie sprinkled water up in the air and down on yet another flower. Since Carrie was a water talent, she was given the job of watering flowers. A lot of flowers. As she sprinkled water gracefully onto the last flower, she shouted, “Rosetta! I’m finished! What else can I do?”

“Oh my, Sugar Cube! I never thought you’d be able to water all the flowers in Cherry Blossom Heights!” Rosetta exclaimed. “That’s enough work from you. Go and enjoy Comedy Night!”

Carrie flew through the air to the Spring Celebration Silly Days Comedy Night event that Rosetta had sent her to. Rosetta had said that she had watered all of the flowers in Cherry Blossom Heights and that she should go and enjoy herself. Carrie couldn’t quite believe she had watered all those flowers either.

“Carrie! Carrie!”

Carrie turned around to see who was calling her and saw her friend Amy waving her over to a seat in the Fairy Tale Theater.

“Coming!” Carrie shouted over to her friend. She had a long day and now it was time for a fun night! She couldn’t wait!



Part One:

I remember my last spring in the Hollow.

It was the fourth year in a row that my arch-enemy Jack Frost threatened to ruin the season.

You see, most people think that Jack Frost is a naughty little elf who freezes your grass and gives people frostbite. Well, let me tell you, they couldn’t be more wrong. Jack is an evil sparrow man who will do anything for power. We don’t exactly know how he did it, but he once disappeared for a few months and came back with powers over ice, sleet, and snow as well as his original talent, water, and that’s when he adopted the name Jack Frost – so let’s add a bad sense of humor to the list.

So now you’re probably wondering why you have never heard of this Jack guy before. Well, the simple answer is that he’s had some competition along the way. You see, a certain fairy started a secret society, later to be known as the Pixie Elite Force – that’s PEF for short.

My name is Rose MorningMist, and I am that fairy.

Over the years, we have had some difficulties though, and you probably noticed some of them, mainly the spring catastrophes. The giant storm three years ago? Yeah, that was kind of our fault. The drought the year after that? My bad. The “Clover Catastrophe” last year? Sorry.

Basically, every year Jack has sent the PEF a threat – give him what he wants (I won’t mention exactly what it is that he wants, because no one is to know I have it in my possession, or else I’m going to have to try to destroy it, which is apparently impossible, but I can tell you this: Jack + thing he wants = a LOT of destruction), or spring will be sabotaged, throwing all the seasons out of whack, etc., etc., etc. Every year I’ve denied, and every year he’s thrown the Spring Meadows into some sort of chaos – using his power to first give the meadows too much rain, then not enough, and then just enough to make sure each and every clover that Rosetta had planted grew. And, year after year, with the combined effort of the PEF and the famous fairies’ quests, he failed.

This particular year, however, we were ready. All of our PEF members in the Spells and Magic division were on standby, along with the water talents – who had been checking the rainfall daily, and apart from the few odd showers, it had been fine and sunny. So when the usual threat came in, instead of constantly worrying about it right up until the date, I threw the letter into the fire and told everyone that they had the rest of the week off…

Part Two:

“What!?” Exclaimed Victoria, co-founder of the PEF. “Rose, are you crazy? Don’t you know what time it is? Its springtime, Rose, and the Spring Celebration is tomorrow. Have you not learnt from the past three years what is absolutely bound to happen? Have you not received your annual blackmail from Jack yet?!?”

I sighed in exasperation. Victoria was not making this any easier for me.

“Yes, as a matter of fact, I have,” I said through gritted teeth, glaring at Victoria, indicating for her to shut up. Fortunately, she got the message.

“What did it say?” asked Rachel Citrusstream, who was currently acting Second in Command, as Autumn Windysong, the usual Second in Command, had mysteriously disappeared many seasons ago…But that’s another story.

Rachel was newer than all the other heads, so she didn’t know about the last three spring fiascos we had dealt with. Unfortunately, for once, I couldn’t fill her in.

“I don’t know. I burnt it hours ago and didn’t bother reading it,” I replied airily. An uprise came from the other members.


“But how will we know what’s coming?”

“That’s it. We’re doomed.”

I sighed. This was just great. Less than five minutes into the meeting, and we already had an uproar to deal with. That had to be a new record. Fortunately for me, my sister and Head of Potions, Ruby, was dealing with it already.

“Pixies, please! Calm down!” she yelled over all the racket. Slowly, the hubbub ceased. Once it had, Ruby continued, “We all know what the letter would have said – ‘You have a certain amount of days to hand in what I want, or else something really bad will happen, etc., etc., etc.’ We’re ready this time, so as Jack obviously isn’t going to do anything to threaten the Pixie Hollow community until then, why should we be wasting time training for something we already know how to handle, when we could be relaxing or helping get ready for the celebration?”

I had to hand it to her – she was really good with this speech thing. I watched as the other members started nodding their heads and murmuring in agreement. Perhaps I should get some tips off her, I thought. However, that can wait until later. I turned back to the crowd.

“Ok, well, seeing as that’s settled, grab your stuff, and I’ll see you all after the break,” I concluded. “Meeting dismissed.”


The next week was spent in utter bliss. No meetings or timetables or training sessions or life-threatening missions. No having to confront Jack or go undercover or needing to defend Pixie Hollow. Sure, I missed the thrill and excitement of it all, but it was nice to do nothing for a change.

The other Heads and I went out to lunch one day and to the beach another. I got to catch up with some of my friends who weren’t part of the PEF, such as Carrie Tuliptwist and Crystal Cutetwinkle. Ruby and I helped with the spring preparations and Victoria and I enjoyed a performance at the Fairy Tale Theatre two days before the preparations ended. On the night before the Spring Celebration, I went to bed completely relaxed, without a care in the world.

The day of the Spring Celebration dawned, and woke to find everything in the PEF HQ as normal. No heavy pounding rain on the roof. No wilted flower petal walls. No clovers covering the windows. Everything seemed perfect.

Almost too perfect.

Uneasy, I dressed and descended the stairs to Ruby’s room. You see, in the PEF HQ, there is the meeting room, which is the bottom floor, and then four bedrooms, one for each head and myself. As we currently had no proper Spells and Magic, Rachel took up that position too, so there was no need for a fifth room (I wasn’t complaining though – it meant a double the space for me).

Anyway, upon reaching my sisters room, I found it empty. Puzzled, I walked down the last flight of stairs into the meeting room, where I found all four Heads deep in discussion, all looking very grim. As I entered the room, they all fell silent, and looked up, directly at me.

“Um…Morning!” I said, feeling a little uncomfortable with all the attention. “Is there a reason everyone is staring at me?”

No one said anything. I sighed and asked, “Alright, what did Jack do this time? Is it another storm? If so, it mustn’t have hit yet, because I couldn’t hear any rain when I woke up this morning.”

Still nothing. Then, just as the silence was becoming unbearable, Lily, the Head of Healing, spoke up.

“Rose…Look, it’s really hard to explain, so perhaps you should just take a look for yourself,” she said, fiddling with a strand of her hair, like she always did when she was nervous.

Fearing the worst, I strode across the room, and opened the door…

[Click here to read Part Three]



Ugh! I was really looking forward to the Spring Celebration, but the weather ruined it!  😥

It was the day of the Spring Celebration, but it suddenly started raining and hailing.  😦

“Call this spring,” I whispered sarcastically. Oh the mean, mean weather.

I was even more disappointed when everyone received a message from the queen:

Dear fairies and sparrow men,

I’m afraid we’ll have to cancel the Spring Celebration because of the weather.

Many apologies.

– Queen Clarion

I couldn’t stand it any longer and burst into tears.

Suddenly, a raindrop hit my wings. That meant I couldn’t fly for a little while.

Suddenly, Orange and Rose flew in.

“Happy Spring Celebration!” they chorused.

“Um… It’s cancelled, remember,” I said, confused.

“Come to the Pixie Dust Tree with us,” said Rose.

“But my wings are wet,” I panicked.

“Don’t worry. We’ll help you,” Orange reassured me.

Let me tell you a fact. Rose + Orange = A pair of great friends!

We flew to the pixie dust tree together. I was most surprised when I got there.

It was decorated with springtime decorations and everyone was writing stories, chatting and helping clean up.

It was like the Spring Celebration indoors. Then I realised that that was probably what it was meant to be.

Yay! Whatever the weather, we can always have the Spring Celebration, I thought, happily.


Spring-Themed Art


Created by Sarah Diamondswirls


Drawn by Minerva Grace


Drawn by orangecoconut27


Happy Spring! 😀



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  1. Posted by Crystal Cutetwinkle on March 18, 2015 at 10:33 am

    I’ll send you a story!📚


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    Another of Marigold’s fantastic ideas!😃


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    Okay I said I’ll only be doing 1 blog per month but I’ll also be reblogging any pixie advents! This is probably the biggest advent this spring ( apart from Easter)!


  5. Happy Spring! 😀 Hope this event gives well ❤ I will send you some artwork soon. 🙂


  6. Posted by Carrie Tuliptwist on March 19, 2015 at 12:19 am

    YAY, the spring celebration!! I really enjoyed reading everyone’s stories!! 🙂

    Fly with you, Carrie Tuliptwist


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    Spring is here! Read on for three awesome short stories – one from yours truly! 😛

    Happy Spring! 😀

    Happy Spring!


  8. Posted by Crystal Cutetwinkle on March 19, 2015 at 3:10 am

    Thank you for putting my story on here.;)


  9. Happy Spring to all Fairies out there,–And that Artwork by Sarah is gorgeous.


  10. I lost track of time while reading all the wonderful stories! Carrie, Rose and Crystal- your work is amazing! 😀


  11. Posted by julie tulipblossom on March 21, 2015 at 3:28 pm

    I’m gonna be doings spring celebration in my worlize PH on March 27th, 2015, please join me in our special event in the ballroom at 4:30 pm, can’t make it? There will be a redo of it if many cannot make it on April 2nd, 2015, please enjoy! Thanks for reading lol

    ~julie Tulipblossomlove (my worlize name is julie Tulipblossomlove)


  12. Posted by Lucy Moonmist on March 23, 2015 at 9:25 am

    Hi Marigold!
    I was searching for hints of PH reopening last night, when I found this website called pixie harmony.
    They say that they are remaking pixie hollow, and that it will be done in about a month!
    Link: pixieharmony2015.wix.com/pixieharmony
    Maybe you can check it out or something (:
    I hope it’s true because then maybe I could find my old fairy friends and we could have fun like we used to!
    /Lucy Moonmist




  14. Beautiful artwork, Minerva and Coconut! 😀


  15. Minerva, you are so good. Your art is beautiful. Do you have an album in Pixie Hollow Forums? If so what is your member name there? Mine is Peweli and my fairies are Quicksilver Clousdhimmer, Twilight Diamondshimmer and Topaz Nightwhisper.


    • Aww thanks Quicksilver! That was just a doodle I did lol. I have an account on the forums and I am simply “Minerva”. I don’t actually have an album for anything though.

      Hmm.. Maybe I should make one?



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