Mix & Match – Queen’s Boutique

Fly with you, Pixie Pals!

Wow. It’s been a while. Quite a long while actually… I found a little time and didn’t realize that I actually took pictures for a third Mix and Match while PH was still open. So here it is – the third installment of Mix & Match, showcasing the most luxurious shop in all of Pixie Hollow, featuring outfits the Queen herself chose; Queen’s Boutique.

I am also guilty of going on a mega-binge at the Boutique when PH announced the closure because gowns that were 100 diamonds were 20. :/ It was a good price so I bought pretty much every gown there. I enjoyed creating this mix and match. It was also a quick trip down Nostalgia Lane.

Mix & Match 1:

QMMBYIt’s a well-known fact that many of the boutique’s dresses had similar color combinations because these dresses are not able to be dyed. This just makes my job easier and I found this particular combination to be one of my favorites 😀

This gentle blue and yellow combination flows beautifully. I thought that this dress works really well since the sash on the Graceful Gown was yellow, as well as the bottom of the Fine Flowing Gown. This really does balance out the blue well, especially since the tiara and wedges also contain hints of yellow.

The one thing I might change is making the shadows of the skirt a little darker. The shadows of the top are much darker than the skirt so adding more shadows would create more harmony. 🙂

I really like the soothing feeling it gives off – perfect for a spring afternoon in the sunshine.

Mix & Match 2:

QMMGI really like the glamorous look of this one!

I remember thinking when the Vivacious Vines top came out, wow, that’s one beautiful top. The vines at the neckline are so intricate – so I thought it would be absolutely perfect for the golden dress.

This one is actually quite similar to the Queen’s dress in color… If you wanted to feel regal, this is the dress to do it. Gold is a royal colour after all 🙂

I love the tiara but I think it doesn’t stand out as much as some others might have. Maybe it’s just my hair color, but I thought the crown was pretty dark compared to the bright gold of the top.

That being said, the petals on the skirt (marigold petals?) are pretty dark so I guess it works well. The petals add a nice pop to the overall gown 🙂

I would add a belt of some sort though, because the top and the skirt look kind of disconnected… :/

I really like it though! Bright and sunny – perfectly suited to a warm summer formal 🙂

Mix & Match 3:

QMMMThis shade is absolutely stunning. I love magenta. It looks so pretty in this outfit.

It’s a little less formal because of the length of the skirt but I think it’s super cute. The barrette would look kind of weird if I didn’t choose a bun hairstyle but I love it anyway. 😛

I think I would change the color of the skirt to make it a little bit lighter but other than that, I think it looks pretty flitterific. Way to dress it down a little bit after all these formal floor length gowns. 😀

Honestly, I think this dress would work for any season – save winter; it would be cold! I think it would look especially beautiful against the pink cherry trees at Cherryblossom Heights. 🙂

Mix & Match 4:

QMMPPurple is one of my favorite colors. I loved the flowing look of the Irresistable Iris top paired with the beautiful curves of the Morning Glory Skirt. That skirt is probably one of my favorite pieces that Queen’s Boutique has ever released. That’s actually saying quite a bit because I really like most of the dresses released…

I decided to play up the sort of flowing, freeing feel of the outfit with the feather headpiece. I think it does end it in a pretty bold way.

At the same time, the shoes are simple and understated, which I think is classically beautiful in it’s own way. 😀

The one thing is that the color of the skirt and top don’t match up perfectly.. But it’s not too big of a deal. Adding a belt would probably help the disconnect in color.

QMMR05Now this one is bold. Red in general, is bold actually. Totally great for pixies that like making a statement at parties 🙂

It does happen to be a little more formal but I really like how the red hues work so well together. It’s a really classy dress, but it’s also really outgoing and daring, as the front of the skirt is short, but the back is flaring and diva-ish. Totally perfect for any Rosettas out there who want to go with this springtime look for any sort of ball, masquerade, or fancy party.

I also think the rose adds a nice accent.

All in all, this outfit is perfect for a party-pixie 🙂


Anyways, that’s it for now! I apologize for not having posted this sooner, because it has literally been sitting in my Draft box for like, a year, but it’s done now, so there you are 🙂

Have a favorite? Want to say hello? Leave me a comment below!

Minerva ❤






17 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Carrie Tuliptwist on April 5, 2015 at 6:43 pm

    Love this post Minerva :). If I had to choose a favorite out of all these amazing outfits you put together I would have to choose no.5,It’s amazing in its diva-ish elegance!

    Fly with you, Carrie Tuliptwist


  2. I like Mix & Match 3. 🙂


  3. Awesome post, Minerva! 😀

    My favorite among these is no. 1. I love the gown’s flowy texture, and the beautiful pastel shades. Also, blue is my favorite color. 😀


    • Thank you 😀

      Number 1 was probably the one that I wore around the Hollow the most aha. I guess it was because it reminded me of water? Anyways I’m glad you like it 🙂



  4. Wow, I love these outfits and how everything matches perfectly together. I especially love outfit nr. 1, 2 and 4. As a light fairy, nr. 2 would have been ultimate for a party, but I think my absolute favorite is number 4(I absolutely love that skirt too, it’s so sassy but elegant at the same time)! And I love the details and colors of nr. 1.


    • I know right? That skirt is probably one of my favorite Queen’s pieces well.. Ever! But I appreciate how so many of the colors work together so I can mix and match the together 🙂

      I actually have a whole bunch more (I think) so I might do a second installment if this one is well-received 😉



  5. OMG I love #3!!! 😀


  6. So well done, Minerva! 😀

    I also went on a Queen’s Boutique-binge when all pixies became Members, but I sadly only took a few screenshots of myself wearing the as-sold outfits 😦 I was so focused on campaigning to save Pixie Hollow that I didn’t get to do everything I wanted to before it closed…I kept thinking, “If we stop PH from closing, I can take tons of screenshots, play all the games, visit with friends, etc., later.” I really regret it now…

    Oh my, I could see myself wearing all 5 of these outfits in a heartbeat…I love something different about each one, so there’s no way I could choose a favorite. Please do more, Minerva ❤


  7. By the way, I love your new profile pic, Minerva! You’re always so fashionable 😉


  8. I love 3 & 4. But in 4 I think it looks perfectly fine because of the dark part in the skirt. And you can’t really the difference in color unless you look really hard but that just runs the whole outfit lol. Anyways thanks for sharing c:


  9. I’d go with the first one… It’s SO go-with-the-flow. I loved all, but #1 is mine.. 😉


  10. So sad! Makes me miss the hollow even more!


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