Create a Pixie Talent Game!

See this exciting new contest from the PHF! 😀
Everyone who participates will be awarded a badge, so don’t miss out! Contest ends July 31, 2015.

Raindrop's Reveries

Hi guys, It’s me Carrie! How are you all? I’m very sorry for not posting in ages, things have been very busy at school, but I regret to admit that I have had the past two weeks off! (holidays.) Very sorry for not posting, I guess I must have been procrastinating. I find it strange that I would procrastinate blogging because I love blogging so much :). Also I am very sorry for missing out on heaps of PHF events! I will try my hardest to blog about as many of the next ones as I can :). Okay, so today I will be telling you about another awesome event that the Pixie Hollow Forums are having! it’s called Create a Pixie Talent Game


Okay so you know Bubble Bounce? Firefly Light-up? Petal Pickup? Tinker Toss? Seed Sorter? You get the point. In this event what you have to do is…

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