A Splash of Mist…

Hi everyone,

So some of you right now may be wondering how in Neverland I am, so let me explain.

My name is Rose MorningMist, and I’m a Water Talent and the author of the blog ‘Pixie Hollow – Our Biggest Secret‘. Some pixies reading this may of heard of me. Like many of you, I played Pixie Hollow, first entering the magical world as a founding fairy in 2008. Over the years, I have to say I became very attached to the game. PH became my escape from reality, where there wasn’t any worry about popularity or whether people were going to judge you. I kinda expected it to be there forever, and never even thought about the possibility of it closing. So of course when I found out the news that PH was closing, I was shocked. Once the shock wore off, I was devastated. 😦 That was about the point when I became a massive ball of tears and tissues. LOTS of tissues. 😛

Like a lot of pixies, I signed the petition and then spent hours trying to get others to sign it (with some success). Unfortunately for all of us, even with over 5,000 signatures PH still closed, which really sucked. However, some good came out of it’s closure, and one of things happen to be my blogging career.

I officially started my blogging last year, in 2014, thanks to Crystal Airshine, who gave my original blog a bit of advertising on hers (Thanks again Crystal – without you, I wouldn’t typing this post right now). 🙂 Unfortunately, that blog kept on playing up, so I decided to copy everything from that blog onto my WordPress blog (why I had a WordPress blog is another story, which I won’t bother you with now), which took me something like a whole day… And I still haven’t done all the pages yet… – groan – O_O

Anyway, apart from blogging, I also enjoy reading, art music and creative writing. I’m also a COMPLETE Chocoholic (so hide any chocolate you have now…). I am a part of the 2015 Events Committee, and the owner of the Worlize World ‘PIXIE HOLLOW and other worlds’. I hope to do a post for this blog at least once a month on either PH Worlize events or on whatever piece of creative writing I’m currently working on (which is usually about five at once… -_-), and my category for post will be called ‘A Touch of Mist’, which was the name of a post I did on another blog a while ago and decided to use again (because, unfortunately, there are only so names you can create that plays around with the name ‘Rose MorningMist -_-).

Well, I think I’ve rambled on for enough for now. 😛

Thanks for reading,

– Rose ❤

What I looked like in the Hollow

What I looked like in the Hollow 🙂



2 responses to this post.

  1. I want to officially welcome you to my crew of amazing guest authors, Rose! 😀
    Can’t wait to see more flaptastic posts from you ❤


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