The Pixie Press – July 2015


The Pixie Press – July 2015


Hi, Pixies!

Welcome to the summer edition of The Pixie Press! 😀

The Pixie Press is a newsletter covering the latest Pixie Hollow news from the Pixie Hollow Forums (PHF), Disney Fairies website, other pixies’ blogs, and various other websites.

As always, your questions, suggestions, and feedback are welcomed and encouraged! I’m publishing this newsletter for YOU, so tell me what you like and want to see more of so I can make changes in future issues

If you are a writer who is interested in contributing to future issues, please email me with your ideas:

Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust,
♥ Marigold


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Tinker Bell_Banner

*~*Fashion Spotlight: Tinker Bell*~*
Written by Sapphire Iceflame
Edited by Marigold Sunjewel

Hey peeps!

It’s your pixie pal S’phire here to discuss one of the most stylish fairies in Pixie Hollow – Tinker Bell!

Tink’s timeless fashion sense has inspired designers and stylists to create everything from headpieces to shoe clips! Check ’em out:

Tinker Bell_Headpiece 1

Spirit of Neverland by Alexandra Harper Millinery

Tinker Bell_Dress

Dress by Anthropologie

Checkout this insane ball gown I found – it just screams TINKER BELL 😉

Tinker Bell_Dress_2

Cya soon!


 Talent Game

This is a reminder that the Create a Talent Game contest on the Pixie Hollow Forums ends today (July 31)!

EVERYONE who submits a mini-game design and/or description will be awarded this awesome badge:


For more details, click here to read Carrie Tuliptwist’s post or visit the Pixie Hollow Forums.


Pixie Press Poll

The hottest poll on the PHF right now asks pixies when they arrived in Pixie Hollow. Here are the results as of today (July 31, 2015):

2007 – 7 pixies
2008 – 7 pixies
2009 – 13 pixies
2010 – 13 pixies
2011 – 0 pixies
2012 – 2 pixies
2013 – 1 pixie

Just for fun, the Pixie Press would like to ask our readers when they arrived as well! 🙂

Please vote in the poll below:




PHF Survey: What was your biggest highlight or memory in Pixie Hollow?
(Click here to view original posts – some comments were shortened for space)

Daisy GlitterConfetti: I made a lot of great friends in Pixie Hollow, some of which I’ve been able to keep in contact with through other games. They were really what made Pixie Hollow, Pixie Hollow. Needless to say, without them, I probably would have stopped believing in Fairies a long time ago.

Onionleaf: The role-playing in the game was very fun! I remember the time when I first came along to an in-game event. We were baking in the Tearoom with Baker Jazzy. I was surprised at how creative pixies could be with their role-plays! Practically every other event I’ve been in was pretty incredible, especially when not many pixies would visit and you could get to sit and chat with the Famous Fairies.

Riverbow: My favorite memories and deepest impressions were creating my animal talent, Chipmunk Merrymint, and creating her home. Exploring the meadows as an animal talent fairy was awesome and made it really feel like I could be in Pixie Hollow. Mostly, I think the experience stood out because no other game I’ve ever played has enabled me to play independently and not feel forced into doing things…yet while being given so many opportunities to gather (it was so interactive) ingredients and participate in special events.

Daisybelle: I would always role play all the time. In Pixie Hollow, we were already role playing no matter where we were. My friends and I would have jobs in restaurants, adopt centers, or cafes and potion shops. I remember the times when I would have a family in Pixie Hollow. I remember the time I lived in the wild and would go hunting in the wilderness. I would never stop having fun! Another amazing thing in Pixie Hollow is that you have the power to express and do anything! The unlimited clothing, quests, decor and dyes. The players of Pixie Hollow are the most creative ones. Even the never council admitted that.

Marigold’s Musings: Although there are several I could list, one of my favorite highlights from Pixie Hollow was exploring all the meadows. Since I was mostly a community fairy (meaning, not a Member), I was very limited on what I could do in Pixie Hollow, so going on adventures in the meadows gave me a chance to meet new friends, gather ingredients, and look for any changes to report on 😉


Thank you for reading! 🙂

Please leave any thoughts or comments below. I’d love to hear from you

♥ Marigold



8 responses to this post.

  1. Love it! I really liked the Tink inspired dress and ballgown. 🙂


  2. Posted by Carrie Tuliptwist on July 31, 2015 at 9:30 pm

    Love this post! Thanks so much for featuring some of my post in it 🙂


  3. Posted by Natalie Davis on August 4, 2015 at 5:16 pm

    Hello! I nomainted you for another award! You always give great support to my blog!


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