2015 Garden Tea Party/Fashion Fair: Worlize

The 2015 Events Committee presents:


For the first time ever, the Events Committee is adding some Worlize activities to our events! 😀

Click here to read the official post for this event if you haven’t already. 🙂



Even though the official even is over, we’ve decided to extend the Worlize time on this particular event until the 21st. In other words, we’ve extended summer for you guys! 😛 If you have a chance, please drop by to have a look – the Summer Meadows have been decked out with the usual tables and chairs for pixies to sit down and chat at:



I’ve also added the theme music to all the Summer Meadows (which is a very recent addition to my PH Worlize). 🙂

 There’s also a badge to collect for anyone who visits Sunflower Gully:

Garden Tea Party Badge2015

The Garden Tea Party will be open 24/7, so if you have some spare time, come and visit – like with Minerva and Crystal’s chat boxes, you never know who may waiting be there. 😉


(Flower Inspired)

The second Worlize event, the Flower Inspired Fashion Fair, will also be extended, this time until the 30th, and for the first time ever, the PH Events Committee will be holding a Fashion Fair Spotlight! 😀

This Spotlight is open to all pixies eligible to have a Worlize account (that is, aged 13 and over). The spotlight will be held at different times over the course of the event by Minerva, Carrie Tuliptwist and myself in the ‘2015 Fashion Fair’ room. Our opening Spotlight will be on the 19th of September, hosted by myself and followed by a celebration in the Ballroom to recognize the 2nd anniversary of Pixie Hollow’s closure. Further dates will be placed in this post as the event progresses.


19/9/15 – 12:00pm (GMT 10+) Hosted by Rose MorningMist

20/9/15 – 5:30pm (GMT -5) Hosted by Minerva: CANCELLED

26/9/15 – 5:30pm (GMT -5) Hosted by Minerva

This list will be updated as the event progresses.

Click here to go to a website that can help you to convert this to your time.

If you are unsure of what GMT time is, search it up on the internet – there are plenty of sites out there that can help you get a better understanding of this. 🙂

The Spotlight will be run in a similar fashion to Pixie Proms held earlier this year. A vote will be taken by everyone attending, and the pixie with the most votes will appear in my next post, similar to how Marina used to.

All fairies will get a badge for participating, but there will also be a badge for the winner, another for the runner up and a final badge for the judges pick, so there are plenty of chances to get something. 🙂

Below is the link to my Worlize world:


The entrance to PH is through the waterfall, and there is a shortcut to the Fashion Fair room if you click on the banner, and if you have any questions, please through a comment or email (my email is rosemorningmist@gmail.com) and I will try to answer as best as I can.

See you there,

 – Rose ❤



6 responses to this post.

  1. YAY! So excited for this 😀


  2. It says that the first time was yesterday.


  3. Reblogged this on Pixie Hollow – Our Biggest Secret and commented:

    Here are the Worlize tie-ins for our two latest events in the PBC Community 🙂


  4. I have been hanging out here all day and I have not seen a single Fairy. I did see Phoebe Bubbleflip yesterday but she would not talk to me


  5. I just updated the banner on my main page to show the due end date of September 30 for the Fashion Fair so we can get more participation 🙂

    Rose and Minerva – Do you have any screen shots from the Spotlights? If so, could you please email them to me so I can add them to the event post? Thanks! ❤


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