Happy 2015 Autumn Equinox!

Hi, Pixies!

Happy 2015 Autumn Equinox!!! 😀


Autumn in Pixie Hollow

Autumn is my 2nd favorite season (with Spring being 1st for obvious Garden-Talent reasons), because of the leaves changing into brilliant bursts of colors, the cooler temperatures making the air seem crisp and fresh, the delicious aroma of fresh-picked apples baking with cinnamon and sugar, the wonderful warming sensation of sipping a pumpkin-spiced latte, and wearing stylish boots with nearly every outfit – instantly making for a fashionable fall look 😉

If you have seen Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (which is my most favorite Tinker Bell movie, because it reminds me so much of Pixie Hollow), you know that the last Autumn Revelry in Pixie Hollow was in 2009.

If you haven’t seen the movie (you HAVE to watch it! It really is amazing), every 8 years a Blue Harvest Moon rises over Pixie Hollow. There is a mystical blue moonstone that contains tremendous powers, and when the light of the rare blue moon passes precisely through the moonstone, it creates blue-colored pixie dust to strengthen and rejuvenate the Pixie Dust Tree. This event is called the Autumn Revelry, and all the pixies gather to collect the blue pixie dust and take it to the Pixie Dust Tree.

At the Minister of Autumn’s request, a new scepter is made for every Autumn Revelry to raise the moonstone. Tinker Bell was elected by Fairy Mary to make the scepter in 2009 and, after many difficulties, Tink and Terence worked together to create a scepter that produced the most blue pixie dust in the history of Pixie Hollow!

The next Autumn Revelry isn’t until September 22, 2017, but I was thinking it would be really awesome if fairies in our Pixie Blogging Community drew and sent in images of scepters they created for the upcoming event, and then I could compile all of them into an Autumn Revelry post that year 😀

There would be PLENTY of time for everyone to participate! I will make a reminder in my blog today to publish an official post next autumn (Sept. 22, 2016) asking everyone who wants to participate to start sending in their images for the 2017 Autumn Revelry. There may even be a contest and prizes for the winners 😉

Since the 2017 Autumn Revelry is just 3 days after the 4th Anniversary of Pixie Hollow’s Closure, I think it would be really fun to combine all this into one HUGE event! Your thoughts and suggestions for this celebration are greatly needed, so please share your ideas in a comment below. I would love to have tons of participation ❤

Also, if you want to create and send in your scepter drawing now (which is totally fine – I’ll save it), please email it to me (marigoldsunjewel@gmail.com) or leave a comment below with the link to the image if you want to post it on your blog. Here are some examples:


Happy Autumn!


♥ Marigold


20 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Natalie Davis on September 23, 2015 at 11:27 am

    Did you get to design your fairy? (Sorry, I know really nothing about it!) Which site do you use?


  2. Woohoo autumn – absolutely one of my favourite seasons!

    Challenge accepted, by the way; I’m not particularly confident in the extent of my scepter-drawing skills, but a scepter drawing it is 🙂
    I’ll be sending mine in asap.

    What sorts of events will we do for the Equinox/Closure Anniversary? I’d love to help out if I can. 🙂



  3. Ok, I now have something to look forward to in 2017 – will have to start thinking about a scepter design! 😀


  4. Reblogged this on Pixie Hollow – Our Biggest Secret and commented:

    Another amazing idea from Marigold 🙂


  5. Sounds exciting, Marigold! 😀

    Autumn is probably my favourite season, mainly because of the moderate weather.

    I would love to participate in this contest. I am sort of impatient, for it’s a l-o-n-g time from now, though. 😉

    I suppose we can do something really special for Autumn Revelry, 2017. I shall try to come up with some ideas. ^•^


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