Walt Disney World: This or That Tag

Hi Pixies,

I saw an awesome post on Natalie Davis’s blog for a Walt Disney World: This or That Tag that was so inspiring that I had to do one myself 😉


1.Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Studios? Definitely Magic Kingdom

2.Epcot or Hollywood Studios? Definitely Epcot (I like HWS but it’s my least favorite of the 4 parks)

3.Animal Kingdom or Epcot? Epcot – it’s my favorite 🙂

4.Epcot or Magic Kingdom? Epcot, but MK is a close second 😉

5.Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom? Animal Kingdom

6.Animal Kingdom or Magic Kingdom? Magic Kingdom

6.Splash Mountain or Space Mountain? Splash Mountain is one of my favorite rides!

7.Peter Pan’s Flight or It’s A Small World? Even though I love Peter Pan, the ride is geared more for little kids and is kind of boring. It’s A Small World has always been a favorite of mine 🙂

8.The Jungle Cruise or Pirates of the Caribbean? Oh my gosh…this is so hard because I love them both…The Jungle Cruise experience definitely relies on the comedic ability and enthusiasm of the skipper, though (I’ve had really good, bad, and in-between), whereas POTC is always consistently great – so Pirates it is! 🙂

9.Be Our Guest Restaurant or Crystal Palace? I’ve never been to Be Our Guest (I hope to next year, though!), so my pick is the gorgeous Crystal Palace.

10.Tower of Terror or Rock ‘n Roller Coaster? Rock ‘n Roller Coaster is so AWESOME!!!

11.Beauty and the Beast-Live on Stage or Voyage of the Little Mermaid? They’re both really good (I recommend seeing them both), but I love Ariel and Voyage of The Little Mermaid is really unique and fun 🙂

12.Toy Story Mania or Star Tours-The Adventure Continues? Toy Story Mania, hands down! It’s so fun! I’m really good at it too 😉

13.Test Track or Soarin’? Definitely Soarin’ (I’m not really a fan of Test Track…it’s not fast enough)

14.France or United Kingdom Showcase? Both are incredible, but the France showcase is my absolute favorite because there’s so many hidden treasures if you really take your time and look at everything there (the Beauty and the Beast stain glass windows always take my breath away). Also, the Patisserie has the most delicious French desserts 😉

15.Mission Space or Spaceship Earth? Spaceship Earth is a must-see (and sooooo relaxing after a long day of walking)

16.China or Japan Showcase? This is a toss-up since I like them equally but in different ways, but I’ll go with China since they have my all-time favorite drink in WDW – Iced Peach Oolong Tea…so yummy 🙂

17.Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros (Mexico) or Maelstrom (Norway)? I might be out of the norm when I say that I really liked both of them, but they both were in need of major updating. Maelstrom is gone now and going to be a Frozen ride, so I’ll choose the Gran Fiesta Tour since it’s still entertaining.

18.It Is Tough To Be A Bug or Festival of the Lion King? Festival of the Lion King is AMAZING!!! I don’t know why people skip seeing this when they go to Animal Kingdom, because it’s one of the best shows in WDW!

19.DINOSAUR or Expedition Everest? Expedition Everest is way better

20. Polynesian Resort or Contemporary? I stayed at the Contemporary the first time my family went to WDW and it was really magical 🙂 However, I have visited the Polynesian Resort on many occasions to watch the water parade and fireworks at MK from the beach, and I would love to stay there!

21.Pop Century Resort or Art of Animation? I haven’t been to either, but Art of Animation looks really cool!


Feel free to tag this on your own blog with your answers 🙂

♥ Marigold



3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Natalie Davis on October 21, 2015 at 9:50 am

    I love reading your answers, Marigold! I am glad you found it inspiring! 🙂


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