Create a Fairy Missing

Hi Pixies,

As many of you already know, we had quite a scare over the weekend when the “Create a Fairy” webpage on the Disney UK site stopped working:

At first, I was FURIOUS that Disney would take something else Pixie Hollow-related away from us 😡

However, after I had some time to calm down and start thinking clearly again, it occurred to me that the “Create a Fairy” page probably isn’t moderated since it hasn’t been updated in ages, so Disney website administrators probably had no idea it was even down 😮

So, I  contacted Disney UK Support and received this prompt reply:

PHUK_email 1

I immediately replied back with a screenshot of the error message, but I haven’t received any further response yet. It’s only been a couple of hours, though, so I’m hoping they will get it fixed by the end of the day.

I will post the updates at the bottom of this post and also in the comments section of Raven’s post: Everyone, Go Into Freak-out Mode

Keep your wings and fingers crossed that this was just a glitch that can be easily fixed 😉

♥ Marigold



UPDATE: November 10, 2015

After emailing Disney UK Support several times, I finally received a response this morning:

PHUK_email 2

At least they are trying to figure out why there’s a problem with the site. I’m just wondering how long it’s going to take to fix…Clearly, the Disney Fairies’ site isn’t much of a priority to them, so we better keep emailing them until they fix the problem 😉

Does anyone use the Mozilla Firefox browser? I can’t load it on my PC, so I don’t know if it works or not. If you do have it, please let me know in a comment below if the Create A Fairy page works for you!

♥ Marigold



20 responses to this post.

  1. I hope it comes back!!!! Thank you for sending them an inquiry, Marigold 🙂


  2. Update: 24 hours later – still no reply from Disney UK Support and the site still isn’t working, so I just emailed them again in case my last email was lost or missed…Stay tuned


  3. Update: 48 hours later – still no reply from Disney UK Support and the site still isn’t working…I just emailed them again :/ …Stay tuned


  4. Update: 72 hours later and STILL no reply from Disney UK Support and the site STILL isn’t working…I just emailed them, yet again :/ …Stay tuned


  5. If anyone else would like to help me get the Disney UK Create a Fairy webpage back, please send an email to:
    Thank you!!!


    • Did it! It’s still sad how Disney is just ignoring our e-mails!


      • Thank you so much, Grace! 😀

        I’m getting pretty irritated that no one is responding to my emails anymore – especially after they asked me to send in a screenshot so they could “resolve” the problem. A status update of any kind would be better than being ignored…

        If they think by ignoring me that I’ll just back down and forget it, then they are messing with the wrong fairy 😡 I’m going to continue emailing them EVERY SINGLE DAY until I get a response!


  6. I just got a reply!!! 😀 I’ll put it in the post above ↑


  7. I use Firefox, but I get the same response as you guys do. :/


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