The Pixie Press – November 2015

Pixie Press

The Pixie Press – November 2015


Hi, Pixies!

Welcome to the autumn edition of The Pixie Press! 😀

The Pixie Press is a newsletter covering the latest Pixie Hollow news from the Pixie Hollow Forums (PHF), Disney Fairies website, other pixies’ blogs, and various other websites.

As always, your questions, suggestions, and feedback are welcomed and encouraged! I’m publishing this newsletter for YOU, so tell me what you like and want to see more of so I can make changes in future issues

If you are a writer who is interested in contributing to future issues, please email me with your ideas:

Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust,
♥ Marigold


To read previous issues of The Pixie Press, click here.



~*~Sapphire’s Secret Treasures~*~
Written by Sapphire Iceflame
Edited by Marigold Sunjewel

Hey peeps!

It’s your pixie pal S’phire here to give you MORE suspenseful sneak peeks of Mainland treasures that will be available in my NEW SHOP – Sapphire’s Secret Treasures:


Handmade Fairy Garden Doors (plus DIY!)


Wearable and Stylish Fairy Ears

More info on these treasures will be revealed once my shop opens – which will be SUPER SOON!!!!!!! 😀

To up the suspense ante, click here to see the other amazing sneak peeks 😉

Cya soon! ❤ 



~*~Pixie Hollow Real Haircuts Game~*~
Written by Marigold Sunjewel

Hi, Pixies!

While I was searching for the latest Pixie Hollow news, I stumbled across a Tinker Bell-themed game on called Pixie Hollow Real Haircuts:


Here’s the game’s description:

Enter the wonderful land of Pixie Hollow and give the cheeky Tinker Bell a new haircut! The fairies are eager to see your styling skills in action so start cutting, curling, and dyeing the blonde pixie’s hair. You can make awesome hair styling combinations with different shapes and colors because Pixie Hollow is a magical place, just perfect for practicing your creativity. Finish the hairdo with sparkles and gentle flower pins, then choose Tinker Bell’s fairy dress and wings so she can fly away in a new adventure!

This game is currently rated 83.50 out of 100, so it’s definitely an above-average game. I played it a few times, and it’s actually pretty fun 🙂 It’s kind of like when you could try new hairdos and hair dyes at Schelly’s Shears in Pixie Hollow, except that you can now customize the experience! It’s also fun to try everything out using Tink as your guinea pig 😉

Brushing her hair can be a little tricky at times, and some of the other hair tools don’t work as precisely as I would like, but my biggest gripe is when I create a really awesome hairdo and Tink makes an awful, sad face. I’m like, “Why are you so upset??? It’s gorgeous!!!” 😛

Here’s one look that Tink and I actually agreed on – I call it Festive Fall:



Try the game for yourself and tell me what you think 🙂



I’ve also add this banner to my blog’s homepage so everyone can get to it more easily 😉

Have fun!
♥ Marigold



Bring Back Pixie Hollow Petition

A new blogger and member of our Pixie Blogging Community Grace Glitterglow has started a new petition asking Roger Iger to re-open Pixie Hollow!



Here’s the petition’s description:

The purpose of this petition is to bring back the site, Pixie Pixie Hollow was a virtual Disney game that was played by millions worldwide. The fairy-fun and adventurous game opened September 20, 2008, and closed on September 19, 2013. In the game, you could dress up your fairy, or sparrow man and fly with your friends on Pixie Hollow. You could play games, go on adventures, and much more. The closure of Pixie Hollow upset millions of fairies and sparrow men around the world. We have been told if we hit 25,000 signatures Disney may reconsider. By signing this petition, you are part of something big. Let’s make a difference and convince Disney to re-open Pixie Hollow! If you’d like to help in other ways please contact Disney Directly at: Disney Interactive500 South Buena Vista StreetBurbank, CA 91521 (425) 951-7100  or – There are reports of automated responses coming back from this one  so you may have better luck using the information for Disney Interactive to lodge your complaints. Also if you do write don’t be afraid to let your children write letters. You can’t argue with the love of a child it is pure and true. The only way we will be heard is if we force the issue. Remember, Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust!

Click here to check it out 🙂



~*~Pixie Harmony*~
A Discovery by Carrie Tuliptwist

In case you missed the big news last week, Carrie Tuliptwist published a post on Minvera’s blog about a website she discovered called Pixie Harmony:




The site looks like it was intended to be a recreation of Pixie Hollow using the WIX site!!! 😀

Sadly, the website was last updated on March 21, 2015, and no one that I know of has received any emails back after trying to sign up to become a tester, so I’m worried this project was abandoned… 😦

However, since the site was just created earlier this year, there’s still hope that the creators may continue working on it if they receive a bunch of encouraging emails! Please, everyone take a second to visit the website, and click here to sign up to become a tester! I hoping after a bunch of emails get sent to whoever manages the website, the creators will get motivated to continue working on this awesome project ❤



~*~Disney Style Poll~*~

We all have our favorite outfits that Disney characters wear, but what if these outfits were in a head-to-head standoff? Would your favorite outfit win?

Click the image below to take part in this fun style poll and to see the current results:

Style Poll



~*~PHF Poll~*~

The hottest poll on the PHF right now asks pixies to pick which of the Tinker Bell movies is their favorite. Here are the results as of today (November 25, 2015):

Tinker Bell (the original movie) – 8 pixies
Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure – 6 pixies
Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue – 3 pixies
The Pixie Hollow Games – 2 pixies
Tinker Bell and the Secret of the Wings – 12 pixies
Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy – 5 pixies
Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast  6 pixies

Click here if you would like to vote in the poll 🙂



~*~PHF Quick News Bits~*~

  • Disney renewed the domain PIXIEHOLLOW.COM to extend to May 17, 2016!!! (source thread)
  • FairyABC appears to have  shut down the production of remaking Pixie Hollow and has deleted nearly everything from their website… (source thread)
  • PHF is still working on a Pixie Hollow Dress-Up Game and needs your help – especially if you have PDFs of clothes from PH (source thread)


*~*The Pixie Press Coloring Contest*~*

For the first time ever, The Pixie Press is holding a coloring contest for its readers where YOU choose the winner! 😀

Here’s the picture for you to color:

Color Sheet

Click the image to enlarge

You can also click here to use a high-resolution PDF version from the Disney Fairies’ site.


The rules are pretty simple:

  1. Color the picture in ANY way you want! You can use computer software coloring tools, print the picture and use crayons, paint, stencils, stickers, glitter, fabric, flower petals, etc. – it can be as simple or as complicated as your heart desires! ❤
  2. Email your finished picture to Marigold ( or leave a comment below with a link to your entry. Please include your name. Limit one entry per pixie.
  3. Marigold will publish all the entries in a separate post to let everyone vote for their favorite during a specified time period.


After the poll closes and the votes are counted, the winner will be announced and featured on Marigold’s blog 😀

All entries are due be by the end of the day on Wednesday, December 9, 2015 (which is two weeks from today).

Voting will begin on December 10 and run through the end of the day on December 20, 2015.

The winner will be announced on December 21, 2015 🙂

Questions? Email Marigold or leave a comment below ↓

Good luck! 😀




Thank you for reading! 😀

Please share any thoughts or comments below ↓ I’d love to hear from you

♥ Marigold



15 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Carrie Tuliptwist on November 25, 2015 at 4:38 pm

    Interesting news! I’ll definitely have to try out that Pixie Hollow Real Hair Cuts game, it sounds super fun! Thank you so much for mentioning my discovery of Pixie Harmony!!!
    🙂 😀


  2. I will definitely enter a drawing!!! Can’t wait!! 😀


  3. Finally! Thanks for posting my petition on here! Hopefully we will get enough signatures!


  4. I tried the Hair Style Game…it was fun to make Tink look crazy. 😛 I gave her a mohawk once. 😀


  5. Posted by Natalie Davis on November 29, 2015 at 9:35 pm

    I tagged you to do the “I Just Can’t Wait To Go To Disney” Tag! 🙂 Here is the link!


  6. Awesome – I can’t wait for your shop, Sapphire! 😀


  7. Posted by Nora on October 13, 2016 at 2:02 pm

    Pixie harmony shut down due to hackers


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