The Pixie Press Coloring Contest

*~*The Pixie Press Coloring Contest*~*

For the first time ever, The Pixie Press is holding a coloring contest for its readers where YOU choose the winner! 😀

It began two weeks ago when the latest Pixie Press was published (click here to read it), and the timeframe for entering the contest ended yesterday – December 9.

Here are the entries for everyone to vote from:


Entry from Raven





Voting begins today (December 10) and will run through the end of the day on December 20, 2015. Voting is anonymous and the results will remain hidden until the winner is announced on December 22, 2015 😀

Good luck to the participants! 😀
♥ Marigold



4 responses to this post.

  1. I wish I could have remembered!!! I would have totally entered if I could. Both colorings are terrific by the way, it was really hard to chose!


  2. Can I just vote for both? 😛


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