2015 Christmas Tag

Hi, Pixies!

Merry Christmas Eve and Happy Winter! 😀

To start off the festivities, I would like to share a video on how to make an easy Mickey Mouse Hot Chocolate Bar, because no holiday gathering should be without hot chocolate 😉


I would also like to share a DIY Disney Holiday Tags that are super cute:


Natalie Davis recently shared a 2015 Christmas Tag that I thought would be fun to do, so here are my answers:

1.Use one word go describe how excited you are for Christmas: Very (excited) 😀

2.What’s the best gift you have ever been given and why? I have received very nice gifts over the years, but receiving a hand-stitched blanket and hand-made scrapbook from one of my best friends would probably be in the “Best” category, because they were one-of-a-kind gifts from the heart ❤

3.What’s the worst present you have ever been given, and why? I am always grateful for every gift I receive, but my one aunt openly admits that she can’t bake but always tries to make cookies every year that are basically inedible. She decorates them so they look really pretty, though, so she claims her cookies are more for decoration than for eating  XD

4.What is your favorite Christmas song? I love WAY too many Christmas songs to list them all, but I highly recommend “All I Want for Christmas is You” – Mariah Carey, “Joy to the World” – Third Day, and “Step Into Christmas” – Elton John.

5.What is your favorite Christmas film? I enjoy the classics like It’s a Wonderful LifeChristmas Vacation, and The Christmas Story, but I have many favorites.

6.How good are you at wrapping presents? I am a pro at wrapping rectangular-shaped items, but squares are the worst and never look right when I wrap them :/

7.If you could rename one of Santa’s  reindeer, what would you name it? Hmmm…I would go with Cocoa or Sprinkles 🙂

8.What’s your favorite thing about Christmas? There are so many favorites to choose from, but being with family is the most important thing ❤

9.When do you start getting excited for Christmas? I tend to start getting REALLY excited about a week before Christmas.

10.Talk us through your typical Christmas Day. My immediate family celebrates together on Christmas Eve, so my typical Christmas Day schedule involves going to church, watching the Disney Christmas Parade at some point, going to my Dad’s side for lunch and then to my Mom’s side for supper. It’s always a hectic travel day but fun nonetheless.

11.What do you have for Christmas dinner? Usually all the traditional Christmas meal items like ham and baked sweet potatoes, but there are always some untraditional snack items in the mix like chips and salsa 😉

12.Do you have any Christmas traditions? Yes, the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day schedule I listed two questions ago and also our annual Cookie Day. Cookie Day happens the weekend before Christmas, and involves a bunch of my family getting together to bake cookies (and sample them for quality control purposes, of course!), watch Christmas movies, eat pizza, and play games all day 🙂

13.Real or fake Christmas tree? I’ve only ever had fake Christmas trees, because my Mom said real ones are too messy…

14.Do you have any funny Christmas memories? A few years ago, my cousin was trying to quickly make some dinner rolls, flipped on a mixer and created a HUGE flour explosion in the kitchen! We still joke about it every year 😀

Like Natalie, I’ll say that if you’re reading this post, I tag YOU 🙂 If you end up doing this tag, please leave the link to your post in the comments’ section.

Again, Merry Christmas and Happy Winter to everyone!

♥ Marigold



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