2016 Egg Hunt

Egg Hunt 2016 Banner

~*~PBC Easter Egg Hunt~*~
March 26 – 31, 2016

Rose MorningMist has announced that she will be hosting an egg hunt on her blog! 😀

Starting on Saturday (March 26) in the time zone GMT +10, Rose will be hiding 10 eggs around her blog, which will look similar these:

egg2  egg6
*Note – these eggs do not count towards the competition*

On March 26 and 27, Rose will be posting clues on her blog to help participants find the eggs. However, there will be a bonus prize awarded for anyone who finds all the eggs before she posts the clues 😉


Prizes will include:

3rd Place – Drawing of your fairy

2nd Place – Silhouette edit of your fairy

1st Place – Winner’s choice of either 1) a side story about your fairy where you will have a choice over the major aspects of the story and be able to help write dialogue for your fairy or 2) a side story, co-written with Rose, split into points of view


How to enter the egg hunt:

Email Rose (rosemorningmist@gmail.com) before the 1st of April, GMT 10+ with a description and/or screenshots/snips of where all the eggs are hidden. Winners will be drawn at random and announced on the 2nd of April, 2016.


All participants will receive a custom-made badge to shamelessly show off to your friends 😉


For more details and to see the official post, click here.


♥ Marigold


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  1. Thanks for posting this Marigold 😀


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