2016 Easter Egg Hunt

Good luck! 😀

Pixie Hollow - Our Biggest Secret

Hiya everyfairy,

The 2016 Easter Egg Hunt is officially on!

There are only three rules:

  1. No cheating! If I find comments with any locations of eggs (correct or incorrect), you’ll be immediately disqualified. Be sure to play fair!
  2. In order to get the bonus edit, you have to send me your entry of at least 7 eggs before I post up the hints tomorrow. All ten eggs will get you the bonus edit, and an All Skill badge.
  3. In order to be put into the draw, you must have all ten eggs. Those who send 7 – 9 locations to me for the bonus edit prize can email the other eggs once they’ve found them to complete their entry and be put into the draw.

Remember, the eggs look like this:


These two eggs do not count towards the hunt.

Well, apart from that – good luck!

Happy Hunting,

– Rose 😀

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