Talent Appreciation Week

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~*~Talent Appreciation Week~*~
April 3 – 9, 2016

Talent Appreciation Week
is an all-new event invented by Misty and Raven that celebrates the lesser-known but VERY important talents of Pixie Hollow! 😀

Although there are hundreds of lesser-known talents, we’re asking for everyone to pick from one of the following five talents to switch to for the week:

  • Nursing Talent: These fairies are responsible for fixing you up when you have a medical problem you can’t fix yourself. If you visit a Red-Feather location, you can find nurse-talents!
  • Scribe Talent: If you can think of a topic, a scribe-talent has probably already written a book on it! Scribe-talents are responsible for recording Pixie Hollow’s knowledge. You can usually find them hard at work in the library!
  • Mining Talent: Ever wonder where the Hollow’s metals come from? Mining-talents! During every new moon and full moon, these fairies dig deep into the earth to find metals, as well as gemstones and jewels! You can usually find mining-talents admiring their finds by their caves!
  • Caterpillar-Shearing Talent: If you’ve ever visited the Winter Woods, you can thank the caterpillar-shearing talents for keeping you warm! Caterpillar-shearing talents herd woolly caterpillars. Once the caterpillars’ fur is long enough, they cut it off and give it to the weaving-talents. Most caterpillar-shearing talents can be found near Caterpillar Corral!
  • Confectioner Talent: Don’t confuse these fairies with baking or cooking-talents! Confectioner-talents keep you supplied with candy and chocolates! Confectioner-talents are usually located in their kitchens or sweet shops!
During this event, pixies are encouraged to write at least one blog post explaining why they chose their new talent, what they do, and why their chosen talent is important to the Hollow. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or formal or lengthy – just a fun experience for everyone to enjoy and learn from 🙂

The event is being celebrated now through Saturday (April 9). Every pixie who publishes a post with #TalentAppreciationWeek will receive an all-new participation badge 😀 Raven will post more info about this very soon!

If you don’t own a blog and aren’t a guest author on someone else’s blog but still want to participate in this event, simply email your experience story to Marigold (marigoldsunjewel@gmail.com), and she will post it on her blog. Easy peasy 😉

Let’s all celebrate those fairies who are often forgotten in the hustle and bustle, but whose jobs are still extremely important!

Please vote for which talent you’re switching to in the poll below:

Also, please leave a comment below with a link to your post so we can send you a badge 🙂


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  1. Reblogged this on Raven.


  2. Reblogged this on ƒℓƴ тø ιɳsριяҽ and commented:
    Here’s a really cool idea — what talent will you be?

    I think I’ll be… a scribe-talent for the week! 😀


  3. Posted by Anastasia Nightbelle on April 3, 2016 at 5:16 pm

    This will be fun!! 😀


  4. Hi Marigold. I created a blog just so I could participate in events like these. ♥


  5. Wow this post is amazing !


  6. Reblogged this on Home Sweet Hollow and commented:
    Love this ! ❤


  7. I’ve started journaling for Talent Appreciation Week, there will be more to come 🙂 Here is a link to my first post: https://snowflakefancypuff.wordpress.com/2016/04/07/talent-appreciation-week-day-1/


  8. This is such a GREAT IDEA!!!<3 Hope there will be more talent appreciation weeks, cause unfortunately I missed it:/ (I was very busy helping Iridessa with lighting fireflies)


    • That’s ok, Tessa. We totally understand 🙂

      We definitely plan on having another Talent Appreciation Week with even more lesser-known talents 😀 I’ll keep you posted 😉


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