Marigold’s Talent Appreciation Week Story

Talent Appreciation Week Story:

“The Starlight Diamond”
by Marigold Sunjewel

The night of the New Moon had finally arrived, and I was eagerly waiting to enter The Never Mine. As a mining talent, I spent most of my time in the tunnels that ran deep below the Never Mountains digging for metals, coal and gemstones, but the nights of the New Moon were the most exciting for us, because only starlit nights could reveal the rarest of gems – namely, the brilliant Starlight Diamond.

A Starlight Diamond was usually found once every 7 years, but it had been 12 years since the last one was found, and the mining talents were under a tremendous amount of pressure since Queen Clarion was desperately in need of one. Her royal attendants constantly dropped by the mines to remind us that the Queen needed the Starlight Diamond for something “very important” and also “very secretive.” Unfortunately, no matter how hard we tried, no matter how many different strategies and techniques, we still could not find the rare diamond.

Unlike all our other New Moon digs that usually began with a lengthy pep talk by a royal attendant, tonight the Queen herself had come to the entrance of The Never Mine to break a major Pixie Hollow rule.

“As you all know, I am desperately in need of a Starlight Diamond,” Queen Clarion began. “I know that all of you have been working very hard, and I greatly commend you for your efforts…but desperate times have now called for desperate measures.”

She motioned for a group of hooded pixies behind her to come forward, and when I saw that the pixies were carrying several pouches of pixie dust, I gasped in shock – which led others around me to gasp and fervently whisper to one another.

Queen Clarion was quick to hush us by saying, “I have explained to a few key fairies that mining is required to obtain the materials that can’t be grown by our community or created by magic, so I have authorized for all the mining talents to receive extra pixie dust tonight in hopes that it might be the extra push needed to find the diamond.”

She then motioned for the hooded pixies to begin passing out the pixie dust pouches. As one of them (a sparrow man) hesitantly approached us, I couldn’t help but notice his nervous movements and the fear in his eyes…and the color. I had only met one sparrow man in Pixie Hollow who had eyes the color of the highest quality blue topaz gemstone, and seeing that this particular sparrow man possessed a huge supply of pixies dust led me to one conclusion.

“Terence?” I whispered as he handed me two glowing pouches.

His head snapped up in recognition, and his eyes locked on mine for moment before moving on to the next fairy.

I wonder if he knows what will happen if we don’t find the Starlight Diamond, I thought, watching him continue to pass out the pouches – and occasionally glancing over at me. Maybe if I can talk to him alone–

“Sunjewel!” a voice suddenly barked from behind me.

“Present!” I yelled back automatically, knowing I was out of time.

“Gather your dig group immediately,” said Clay, the mining talent mentor. “I want you in place before the New Moon rises so not one minute is lost.”

“Right away, sir,” I replied, quickly gathering my supplies and turning back to find my group – only to find Terence standing right behind me.

“Good luck,” he said softly. “We’re counting on you.”

I had heard this same phrase countless times from the royal attendants before a New Moon dig, but hearing it come from Terence felt specific

I mustered up my most confident voice and said the usual response, “I won’t let the Queen down.”

Terence stared at me for a moment, as if debating whether or not to tell me something, before he reached out and gave my shoulder a reassuring squeeze.

“I have faith in you, Sunjewel,” he whispered, his eyes urgent.

I waited for him to say more, but another hooded pixie had walked over and told Terence the Queen needed to speak to them.

As they walked away, I took a deep breath and turned to face The Never Mine entrance. My dig group was already assembled and waiting for my orders. I flew forward with more courage and determination than I knew I possessed.

Tonight, the Starlight Diamond would be mine.


7 responses to this post.

  1. This is amazing, Marigold!! I hope you don’t leave us hanging for long!!! 😀


    • Thank you so much, Raven! I dedicated all my free time last week to getting this story finished and posted in time – which was no easy feat 😛 I didn’t plan to continue this story right away since I’m still trying to wrap up Chapter 2 of Maritales, but I may surprise you 😉

      Talent Appreciation Week was such a great idea! We should totally do it again…maybe in June after school is out?


  2. 😄 😄 😄 💎 💛
    This is such a good story! I can’t wait to learn what happens, and why the Starlight Diamond is so important.


  3. This was so good! Love it 😀 ❤


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