Raindrop’s Talent Appreciation Week Story

Hiya Pixies,

I know I am extremely late with this one, but I thought I should do it anyway. Better late than never 😉

I am choosing to be a Confectioner Talent fairy and this is my story:

Rarity and Rain

“Raindrop!” Daliya calls, “Queen Clarion is hosting a large feast with all the Ministers to celebrate the Winter success, we have a large order and it has to be ready in three days!”

“Yes chef!” I call back and wipe my hands on my apron, “What should I do with these lunch cookies?”

Daliya rushes in, her brown hair messily fluffed into a bun and her green eyes darting around the room, “Jay, serve the lunch cookies in the Tea Room. Raindrop, I want you to start searching for a flitterific recipe. You are in charge of the surprise sweets.”

Jay takes the plate of lunch cookies from me and places it on his trolley. He gathers the other sweets and treats cooked up by other Confectioner talent fairies and wheels the trolley out of the room, the doors swinging behind him.

I nod nervously. I’ve never been in charge of the most important dish of any feast.

Dailya smiles and then continues barking orders to the rest of the confectioners, “Heat up the ovens! Clean the bowls! And for goodness sake Lily, tie up that hair of yours!”

I flutter over to the Recipe Block and flip through the pages and come across a beautiful cake. It is a pale white, sparkling with snowflakes and droplets of sweet dew. Imagine if I could make that and impress Daliya, more to speak the Queen and the Ministers.

I could get a promotion. I begin scanning the recipe:

Rarity and Rain Cake

Three droplets of Winter rain

Five pinches of rare 

The word after rare is blacked out with a splotch of ink.

“Daliya!” I call but she doesn’t hear me. I am going to create this cake. I just need a little help.


I knock on the door, “Gelata, are you home?” Gelata is the Head Chef in the Great Fairy Kitchen but lately, she hasn’t been in because she’s apparantly been sick and so Daliya has been taking over for her.

I hear a ruffle in the small leaf collage and the wooden door swings open. Gelata stands there, flour covering her hair and a whisk in her hands, “Hiya Raindrop.”

“Hi,” I grin, “What are you doing?” I point to the whisk in her hand. No one cooks outside the Great Fairy Kitchen.

“This?” She holds up the whisk, “Oh, nothing.” She hides it behind her back, “How can I help you Raindrop?”

“I need help making this.” I say, opening up the recipe book and ignoring the questions rising in my head about the whisk in her hand. What is she doing when it is forbidden? Why hasn’t she been to the kitchen if she isn’t sick? I point to the Rarity and Rain Cake, “Could you help?”

Gelata breaks into a laugh, “Raindrop, no one has ever made that cake in Pixie Hollow history except the Minister for Winter, and even then he has only made it once.”

“Why?” I ask curiously, “It looks amazing.”

“That’s because you need the rare ingredient and hence the name, it’s rare.” She nods, “Hey, come inside. We can discuss it in here.”

She invites me in and I take a seat at the dining table. Gelata washes up and sits at the table, “Why do you want to make it anyway?”

“The Queen and the Ministers are having a feast to celebrate the success of Winter in the Mainland.” I explain.

“Sweet,” Gelata nods.

“Why haven’t you been in the kitchen?”

“Uh… I’m sick… I was sick and now I’m better… I’ll be there tomorrow.” She smiles an unconvincing smile.

“What have you been up to, cooking outside the kitchen?” I ask.

“Raindrop,” Gelata drops her gaze to her fidgeting hands on the table, “Can you keep a secret?”

“Yeah, of course.” I nod.

“Phew,” She sighs, “I’ll tell you what I’ve been up to. But let me ask you a question first, do you know why the rare ingredient is blacked out?”


“It is a feather of Mother Dove.” Gelata says quietly, “A long time ago, heavy rains swept over Pixie Hollow and were causing many mishaps and problems. The only thing that could remove it was four pinches of one of Mother Dove’s grounded feathers. The Minister of Winter had to pluck it and ground it and then he sprinkled four pinches over the clouds.

“There was left over grounded feather and so he decided to celebrate the saving of Pixie Hollow by making a Rarity and Rain cake and see, the name makes sense. Rain, because of the heavy rains and rarity because it’s rare we are allowed to use Mother Dove’s feathers.” Gelata explains, and I nod at every few words that she says.

“Woah.” I gasp in awe at the story. But that means I can’t make the cake.

“Yeah, I was like that too. And now, to what I’ve been up to. I’ve been devising a replacement for Mother Dove’s feather for that same cake. I have been wanting to bake that cake for years and years. I think I’ve finally found it!”

“So I can make the cake?” I ask.

“Yes, I think you can.” Gelata grins excitedly.

The Rain and Rarity Cake will be rare no more.


I hope you enjoyed the shorty story.

♥ Raindrop



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