Raindrop's Reveries

Hiya pixies, Raindrop here!

Okay, I’ve had my first week of holidays relaxing and hanging out with family. I’ll be doing that next week as well, but while I have some free time, I thought instead of writing more of one of my latest books, I should create a post.

In my previous post, Again, I said I would be doing a few things. First, I need all my guest authors to refer to Minerva’s guest author page as a template and send me all the information as well as images to my email :

I would love to have all my guest author pages up very soon, perhaps before the end of June.

Second, the Fairy Book Club. I am going to set that page up as soon as I have enough stories and books to upload. If you have any books/stories of any genre (it doesn’t have…

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