Liebster Award #2

Hi, Pixies!

Crystal Oakbelle was kind enough to nominate me for a second Liebster Award (she’s such a sweetie!), so I would like to thank her by answering her questions 😀

 What was your favorite meadow in Pixie Hollow? Why?

This is such a difficult question, because I enjoyed visiting all the meadows for different reasons! However, my absolute favorite meadows were:

  • Havendish Square – There were several reasons why this was the most popular and exciting meadow in Pixie Hollow! Not only was it a great place to hangout and meet new friends, it also housed the Pixie Postings, Pixie Party announcements, Fairy Tale Theater, The Tearoom, Queen’s Boutique, The Ballroom, Cassie’s Costume Shop, and was often the location for special tasks during events.
  • Cherryblossom Heights – One of the most beautiful meadows in Pixie Hollow! There, it was springtime 24/7 – a treat for any Garden-Talent ♥ I would often start my day by nestling against the delicate cherryblossoms and read through my leaf journal and announcements.
  • Neverfruit Grove – I loved playing Berry Ball in this meadow before the Pixie Post Office was constructed, but then I loved visiting the PPO, so I continued to visit frequently 😉
  • Sunflower Gully – I loved visiting the gully to dip my toes into the stream and listen to the gentle waterfall while being surrounded by hundreds of gorgeous sunflowers.
  • Acorn Summit – I visited this meadow almost daily because it housed my favorite shop (Summit Style), was the location for one of my favorite games (Fairy Fireworks), and the meadow was stunning when decorated for any event (the 2012 End-of-Summer Sparkler was incredible)
  • Chilly Falls – If I wanted to de-stress and enjoy the beauty of nature’s stillness, this was the meadow I would fly to. Gazing at the sparkling Ice Palace and softly glowing lantern lights always made me feel so calm and relaxed. I loved that this meadow had a hidden Mickey snowman as well 😉

If you could learn to talk to one kind of animal, which would it be?

Oh, my this is tough question…I guess I would like to talk to squirrels, because they seem like they would be very helpful.

If you could be any talent of fairy in real life, what would it be and why?

I would still like to be a Garden-Talent, because gardening and plant life is fascinating to me ♥

Describe your fashion style in three words.

Girly. Classic. Romantic.

Describe your favorite thing about Pixie Hollow in three words.

Friendships. Fashions. Magical.


Click here to read my original Liebster Award post where Crystal was one of my nominees 😉

♥ Marigold



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  1. Hidden Mickey snowman? I always thought it was a snow teddy bear!! :O


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