Another Sneak Peek

Please read Rose MorningMist’s sneak peek for her new story “Twin Trouble” – it sounds super exciting! 😀

♥ Marigold

Pixie Hollow - Our Biggest Secret

This time, it’s for a BRAND NEW STORY, coming your way (hopefully) shortly after Birthday Surprises (no, I haven’t forgotten about that, and yes, I have been working on it).

This is kind of to make up for the fact I haven’t published any of my stories lately, and I do apologise for that. I have been working on them, but the thing is, I work on whatever I’m most inspired to write for at the time, and with about twenty unfinished stories and plots in the works, things can be a little… hectic.  :/

Another quick heads up – I won’t be around from  the 22nd – 23rd of this month, GMT 10+ time, so I won’t be posting on these days. I trust my guest authors will keep you company until I get back  😉

So, I’d like to present to you a sneak peek from an upcoming…

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  1. Tanks for re-blogging this, Marigold ❤


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