Ipsy Glam Bag – June 2016

Hi, Pixies!

I’ve really been enjoying my Ipsy Glam Bag subscription (click here to see what items I got and to read my reviews), so I decided to continue my membership for another month 🙂

My June Glam Bag arrived two weeks ago, but I wanted to try each product multiple times before reviewing:

June Glam Bag Header

June 2016: Rebel Rebel

First Impressions:

For the third month in a row, I have been pleasantly surprised by the variety of items I have received in my Ipsy Glam Bag! I received 1 eye liner, 1 eye shadow, 1 lip gloss, 1 hair oil mask, and 1 facial cleanser.

However, this was the first time I was disappointed about Ipsy sending me a product I didn’t have selected in my preferences :-/ Read on for details…


Ratings Guide:

★☆☆☆☆ – Very disappointed with this item and wouldn’t buy again
★★☆☆☆ – Slightly disappointed with this item and probably wouldn’t buy again
★★★☆☆ – Item was ok and may or may not consider buying again
★★★★☆ – Really liked this item and would consider buying again
★★★★★ – Loved this item and would definitely buy again



Here are the items I received + reviews + ratings:

Glam Bag

Rebel Rebel Makeup Bag – Ugh…I was so disappointed when I saw this bag. I’m personally not a fan of the whole graffiti/rebel/grunge look – especially how cluttered this one looks, so I definitely wouldn’t use it. I also don’t like the placement of the zipper, and the material seems like it would stain easily since it’s not slick.

Bag Rating: ★☆☆☆☆
Use or Lose?: Lose, but I’ll gift it to a friend or relative who likes it



Eye Liner

ColourPop Cosmetics: Crème Gel Liner in Get Paid (Metallic Rose Gold) – According to Ipsy, this gel liner has a super creamy formula, blends easily, and delivers intense color that lasts “forever” on the lid or waterline once it dries.

I was hesitant about the color of this product since I don’t usually use bright/metallic liners, but I decided to apply a thin line to my lower eye lid, and it added a nice pop of color. The liner didn’t last all day, but I wear contacts and have seasonal allergies, so it’s difficult for any eye makeup to stay put on me unless it’s a waterproof formula. I wouldn’t wear this liner on a regular basis since it’s shade-specific and doesn’t match a majority of what I wear, but it’s nice to have on-hand for adding a “little something extra” to my look 😉

Weight: 1 oz (full size)
Price: $5 from ColourPop’s website
Eye Liner Rating: ★★★☆☆
Use or Lose?: Use
Buy Again?: Possibly, but in a different color



Eye Shadow

Urban Decay: Eyeshadow in Lounge
– According to Ipsy, this multifaceted shadow switches up its look in different lighting, feels like velvet, glides on softly, lasts all day (and all night), and won’t crease.

As an eye shadow lover and collector, I have always wanted to try Urban Decay, because EVERYONE raves about their quality and longevity. Also, you know how ALL the major makeup brands are now creating those big eye shadow palettes? Urban Decay started that awesome trend 😉

This layered shadow is different from any other eye shadow I’ve ever used. The shade is described as “a decadent reddish-brown topped with teal-green shimmer.” Getting the teeny-tiny eye shadow disk out of the packaging was a bit frustrating (and you can’t leave it out of the packaging, because they’re nothing to cover it with), so I docked a star in my rating for that, because I think packaging is important for ease of use – even if it’s sample sized. I was hoping the color would look more teal-green than reddish-brown once applied, but the shade just looked red on me. I looked at it in different lighting throughout the day, and it still looked mostly red. Major bummer 😦

Despite the fact that I didn’t like the packaging or the shade I received, I would still consider buying more in different shades (or a palette) because the shadow applied easily and the color lasted all day 🙂

Weight: 0.2 g (about 1/7 of full-size)
Retail Price: $19.00 from Urban Decay’s website for full-size (1.5 g)
Eye Shadow Rating: ★★★☆☆
Use or Lose?: Use, but not often
Buy Again?: I would buy more Urban Decay shadows in shades I like


Lip Gloss

Be a Bombshell Cosmetics: Pout Potion in Famous – According to Be a Bombshell’s website, Pout Potion is a creamy gloss formula that offers long-lasting color and shine. The brand also believes that gloss should smell awesome, because your lips are right under your nose, after all 😉

This lip gloss does smell good (like coconut), so it’s great for Summer wear. I really love the purple-pink shade with blue undertones, because it compliments my skin tone and makes my teeth look whiter 😀 The shade is a bit too intense for me to wear full-application, but I’ve just been applying a little bit and spreading it over my lips for a subtle burst of berry color. So pretty! I like that it’s not sticky, but it’s doesn’t last as long as the brand claims on its website – it actually came off really easily :-/

Weight: 0.28 oz (appears to be full-size, but can’t confirm)
Price: $14.00 from Be a Bombshell’s website
Lip Gloss Rating: ★★★☆☆
Use or Lose?: Use – ❤ the color!
Buy Again?: Possibly, but it would have to be mega on-sale since it’s not long-wearing and requires several reapplications throughout the day


Hair Mask

Peter Lamas: Youth Revival 5 Oil Hair Treatment Mask – According to the Peter Lamas website, this hair mask is “formulated with a luxurious blend of five extraordinary oils –Abyssinian oil, Baobab oil, Mongongo oil, Broccoli Seed oil, and Kukui Nut oil– the unique hair mask is naturally loaded with nourishing vitamins, fortifying peptides, omega fatty acids, and antioxidants to give you healthier-looking hair full of strength, body, and shine.”

I’m really into skin and hair oils right now (argan oil, anyone?), so I was eager to try this hair mask since it contained a blend of 5 natural oils I’ve never tried before. I applied it to my freshly shampooed and rinsed hair, and then rinse it out after 3 minutes (as directed). OMG!!! 😮 My hair was soooooo soft and shiny, I couldn’t believe it! I was able to brush my hair with total ease (even wet!), and I let my hair air-dry into soft, bouncy waves for the day. The only downside to this intense oil mask is that my hair started looking a little greasy and feeling weighed down by Day 2, so I don’t recommend leaving this mask in your hair for an extended period of time.

Weight: 0.75 fl. oz. (almost 1/9 of full-size)
Price: $30.00 from the Peter Lamas website for full-size tube (6.7 fl. oz.)
Hair Mask Rating: ★★★★☆
Use or Lose?: Use!
Buy Again?: I would like to, but it would have to be on-sale



Rodial: Stem Cell Cleansing Cream – According to Ipsy, this product is both a cleanser and a mask. “It’s a mega moisturizing powerhouse – infused with resilient stem cells from the Alpine Rose to strengthen your skin.”

As you know from my other reviews, I’m always cautious about what I put on my face since I have sensitive skin, so when I saw this cleansing cream, I was on high-alert because I specifically remember not selecting cleansers as an item I wanted in my Glam Bag (a majority of cleansers don’t play well with my skin). One look at the ingredient list told me this cleanser wasn’t touching my face, because it contained Rose Hip Oil and Cocoa Butter. I’ve learned my lesson with these ingredients in the past, and they will never knowingly touch my face again as they cause my skin to massively breakout.

Also, after visiting Rodial’s website to get more information, it looks like they recently re-branded this cleanser as part of their “Super Food” series for older skin to look for youthful (which I don’t need), so I’m guessing they wanted to get rid of the old-labeled products by giving them to Ipsy to hand out :-/

Weight: 1 oz. or 1.69 ml (just over a 1/2-sized sample)
Price: $48.00 from Rodial’s website as part of a 4-piece kit (cleanser is 50 ml in the kit)
Cleanser Rating: ★☆☆☆☆
Use or Lose?: Lose – I’ll gift it to someone with older, less sensitive skin
Buy Again?: No


Overall Glam Bag Review

For the total fee of $10.00, I thought my purchase was reasonably priced since I received a total of 6 items (if you include the makeup bag). That works out to about $1.67 per item. Plus, you can easily unsubscribe from the monthly Glam Bag subscription, so if funds are tight or you don’t like what you’re receiving, you can cancel the subscription from your Ipsy account with just a few button clicks and a cancellation confirmation email link.

After much thought and careful consideration, I have decided to cancel my Ipsy subscription… This doesn’t mean that I won’t consider re-subscribing to Ipsy in the future, but after this disappointing Glam Bag, I have decided to try Birchbox instead since it’s the exact same price ($10.00) and is very similar to Ipsy in terms of a preference quiz, number of items sent, and ease of cancellation if I don’t like it. One of the reasons I had chosen Ipsy over Birchbox was because Ipsy sends you a makeup bag with your items, whereas Birchbox sends you a box, but I didn’t like 2 of the 3 makeup bags Ipsy sent to me, so maybe receiving a pretty box will be better in the end. I mean, how many makeup bags does one pixie need? 😉

Unlike Ipsy, Birchbox has tons of promo codes you can choose from to get an EXTRA freebie with your subscription order! This month, they were offering a free PIXI mineral eye shadow palette with 6 summery shades (a $12.00 value!) 😀


Pixi Shadow

If you love makeup and beauty products, I strongly recommend trying a beauty subscription like Ipsy or Birchbox to try a bunch of new products at a highly discounted rate!

If you have any questions about Ipsy, the items I reviewed, or Birchbox, please leave me a comment below ↓

♥ Marigold



P.S. If you are interested in buying any of the products I reviewed, I have some discount codes you can use if purchasing from the brands’ main websites:

Shop Here: colourpop.com
Use code: No code required! $5 off all orders right now 🙂
Offer valid through 07/31/2016. Cannot be combined with any other offers. One time use only. Customers will automatically receive $5 off their purchase at checkout when using the link.

Be a Bombshell Cosmetics
Shop Here: beabombshellcosmetics.com
Use code: IPSY25 for 25% off
Offer valid through 07/31/2016. Offer valid in US only. Cannot be combined with any other offers.

Peter Lamas
Shop Here: peterlamas.com
Use code: IPSYJ16 for 20% off
Offer valid through 07/15/2016. Offer valid in US only. Cannot be combined with any other offers.


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♥ Marigold



11 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Crystal Airshine on June 28, 2016 at 1:44 pm

    Really intresting review Marigold! 😀 I’m sorry you were disappointed in your bag though :/ .Personally I had considered an Ipsy subscription since I love Mich and makeup,but now that I’ve gone into cruelty-free beauty,I don’t think that would be such a good idea… ><
    Btw,you could use the eyeliner in your waterline to brighten up your eyes when you look sleepy and in the inner corner of your eye for a nice pop ^^ -in case you hadent thought of that 😛 –


    • Thanks, Crystal! 😀
      Some of the items I’ve received from Ipsy are cruelty-free, but you can’t choose to just receive them, so it probably isn’t a good idea for you if you’re totally against it :-/
      What are some of your favorite beauty brands and products?


      • Posted by Crystal Airshine on June 29, 2016 at 6:20 am

        Yeah I only buy cruelty-free,I’m stricktly against animal cruelty 🙂
        Hmmm my favourite brands..well for natural products I like Korres,Apivita,The bodyshop etc and for budget beauty (that is animal friendly) I like companies like essence,catrice,w7 things like that XD,but I want to go deeper into natural products when I’ll be able to make my own money and pay for them 😛
        How about you?


  2. Posted by Natalie on June 28, 2016 at 1:57 pm

    This bag was NOT my fave this month, but I think it might be cool for a pencil case for school! I am thinking of giving a couple makeup bags away as gift to some friends and put a few makeup products from the store in the bag! I got the same eyeshadow this month and it looked green for me (that’s weird you only saw red; I saw both). Are you going to do reviews on Birchbox? I am interested in what Birchbox has to offer😃


    • Yeah, I’m been thinking the same thing that I’ll give away the bags and products I didn’t use to my friends and family for birthdays or Christmas.
      Wait, what?!? Your Urban Decay shadow actually looked green?!? It looks more green than red in the packaging, but it totally looks red on me :-/
      Yes! I plan to review Birchbox just like Ipsy so I can give them a fair comparison 🙂
      When do you plan to post your June Ipsy review?


      • Posted by Natalie on June 28, 2016 at 4:46 pm

        Well, it was almost a greyish color and it also had some green! I also saw a bit of red in it. Maybe when I do my review, I will swatch and even show how it looks on my eyelid! Can’t wait to see your reviews😊 I’m not quite sure, but hopefully, soon!


      • Posted by Natalie on June 28, 2016 at 4:48 pm

        It looks like a greyish color I think with green and sometimes I will see red! When I do my review I will swatch the eyeshadow\ show what it looks on my eyelid. Can’t wait to see your reviews of Birchbox!😃 I’m not sure, but hopefully soon!


  3. I was looking for the June Ipsy bag (I was gonna buy it), but, well…It’s ugly, to be frank. And we garden-talents just don’t do ugly 😛


  4. One of my favorite parts of these reviews is getting to see the pictures of the bags… I totally agree that this month’s was ugly. What an awful design!


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