The Perfect Pixie Summer Fashions! <3

Please read this incredible pixie-inspired summer fashion post by Crystal Airshine!!! 😀
♥ Marigold

ƒℓƴ тø ιɳsριяҽ

Hello everyone!

It’s Crystal here (obviously lol ),and I’m back with my first original post as I had promised! ^_^

I am very sorry to not have posted anything of my own throughout the year,but I hope to make up for that now ! 😀

Initially,I was planning to do a completely different post,but I was going through some old fashion  pics of mine today and was inspired to do something fashion related! 🙂

In other words,in this post I’m going to share with you pictures and ideas of Pixie Hollow inspired outfits you can put together in real life (to bring some Hollow magic to your days 😉 )

So let’s get started! 😀

First of all,now that it’s summer (if it’s summer in your country-I hope it is o.o ),it is important to wear loose,light clothing that will feel cool.For that it’s best to choose clothes made of

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  1. Posted by Crystal Airshine on July 13, 2016 at 1:03 pm

    Once again thanks a lot for rebloging this Marigold ! ❤ 😀


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