2016 Pixie Hollow Games: Sign Up Form

Sign Up


If you want to participate in the competitions and earn awesome awards in the upcoming 2016 Pixie Hollow Games, you must fill out the sign-up form below:




This sign-up form will be active now through August 28, 2016. Participation will not be granted to anyone after the 28th, so don’t delay and sign-up today! 😀

Those who sign-up will receive an email confirmation from Marigold Sunjewel via the email address entered on the form (so please don’t use a fake email address). Your name will then be added to the list of pixies participating in the games – which will be displayed on this blog and the Pixie Hollow Events website.

NOTE: The email address you enter will only be used to confirm your sign-up status and to email out awards you may earn during the Pixie Hollow Games. Marigold will not share your email address with anyone without your permission.

Please leave a comment below or email Marigold with any questions.

Thank you!

2016 Pixie Hollow Events Committee ♣



Pixies Participating:

Animal Talents
* Angie
* Phoebe Bumbleflip (https://alisonheartfairiesbooklover56.wordpress.com)
* Sarah Diamondswirls (sarahdiamondswirlsph.wordpress.com)

Garden Talents
* Dalila Pineforest
* Quicksilver Cloudshimmer
* Raven (https://ravenrules.wordpress.com)
* Snowflake Fancypuff (https://snowflakefancypuff.wordpress.com)

Light Talents
*Silver Icejewel
* Stella and the Pixies (https://uniquecinquesreveries.wordpress.com)

Tinker Talents

Water Talents
* IcyDrew
* June a.k.a Gwyn (https://iheartowls7240.wordpress.com)
* Juniper
* Karina Glittershine
* Minerva Grace (https://minervagracepixie.wordpress.com/)
* Raindrop (raindropspixiehollow.wordpress.com)
* Rose MorningMist (https://pixehollowourbiggestsecret.wordpress.com)




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