Surprises keep coming from FairyABC

More surprises from FairyABC – Famous Fairy Visits!!!
Please read Amber Wondermist’s post for more exciting info 😀
♥ Marigold

The Pixie Diaries

Hey guys, it’s Amber!

So, yesterday after being properly reintroduced to our home – Pixie Hollow and after we pulled ourselves back together again, we started exploring.
You could see from Harmony’s post that it was quite amazing!

However, without any of us knowing yesterday, something amazing happened.


Yes, I was like that mouse up there yesterday as well, because with this new update a surprise came in for all of us on FairyABC aka Pixie Hollow.


We were all goofing off, doing fashion shows and chatting when out of nowhere in the chat below on the screen a fairy started screaming that she saw Rosetta at Summit Style!
We thought some fairy managed to make herself look like Ro, so we didn’t make a big deal out of it until Rosetta herself whispered to us all!
We were stunned.
Later on, we discovered that the admins have taken on…

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