2016 Pixie Hollow Games | Water Talent Pride

Talent Profiles: Water
♥ Marigold


ƒℓƴ тø ιɳsριяҽ

It’s THE event of the summer!

Games Banner

Hey pixies!

The Pixie Hollow Events Committee recently released a post on Marigold’s blog announcing our biggest event of the season — maybe even the year. Honestly? I’m not even exaggerating because we’ve put so much effort into making sure everyone can enjoy it.

Sound interesting?

Fill out the form on Marigold’s blog to participate in the Games by clicking the large banner above, and read more about the event by clicking here!



Myself, being a water fairy, it should come at no surprise that I’ll be cheering on the water-talents at the games!


Not saying that the other talents are not up to par in any way, but I’m just biased towards my own talent I guess. 😉 It’s an inevitable partiality really.

So what are water talents really good at?!?

Well I mean, not that I’ve thought…

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