2016 Pixie Hollow Games | Light Talent Pride

Talent Profiles: Light
♥ Marigold


Pixie Hollow - Our Biggest Secret

Whilst the Games on the Mainland are ending, ours are only beginning…

Games Banner

Fly with you all,

Recently, the 2016 Events Committee announced our Summer Event: The 2016 Pixie Hollow Games!

You can click here to check out the official opening post that Marigold released a few days ago.  😉

It’s going to be our biggest event yet, so be sure not to miss out!



So some of you may have seen Minerva’s post on Water Talent Pride (GO US!)   😛

Unfortunately, the Committee doesn’t have a Light Talent on the team, so I was given the task of sharing some of the stuff Light Talents are particularly amazing at.  😉

Here we go:

  • Agility – Light Talents are pretty swift on their feet and in the air, which is an excellent skill to have when competing.
  • Determination – Even if all hope of winning is lost, Light Talents never give up. Challenge a…

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