Garden Talent Pride!

Talent Profiles: Garden
♥ Marigold



Garden Talents,






It’s a given that Garden Talents are naturally stylish, JUST LOOK AT Rosetta!

Image result for rosetta pixie hollow


Image result for rosetta pixie hollow

What Garden Talents do, they do it with style and class! So while they’re beating the competition, they’re looking great while doing it!


Garden Talent’s are great at waiting, its in their nature! *ba-dum-tssss*

But really, they know when to wait at exactly the right moment! I mean just get a load of these pixies in ACTION!

They’ve got strategy like NO OTHER!!!


All talent’s have a bit of fire in them, but none is quite like the Garden Talents! They’re calm and well adjusted for the most part, but when you mess with the Garden Talents, YOU GET THE THORNS!!!

I mean, you don’t want to get bitten by Crocky!

To Conclude:

Garden Talents are AWESOME!!!

They won the Pixie Hollow Game, and they’ll DO…

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  1. Posted by Beverly on September 6, 2016 at 6:00 pm

    Well you know Quicksilver Cloudshimmer is a Garden Talent. My new Faeries name on Fairyabc is not any of my previous faeries names. I felt they could not be replaced so I have a new Frost Fairy and her name is Fantasia Frostyfreeze. So if you see me there say HI


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