Harvest Hustle – Tips and Tricks

Please read Gwyn’s awesome post on tips and tricks for playing Harvest Hustle for the Pixie Hollow Games! 😀

REMINDER: Tomorrow’s the last day to compete in the Harvest Hustle High Score and Design the Winner’s Trophy competitions! Only 6 of the 18 participants have submitted their scores for Harvest Hustle, and only 1 of the 18 has submitted a trophy design! I don’t know if everyone else is waiting until the last minute, but we won’t accept late entries, so don’t delay!!!

Don’t forget, you will still earn points just for participating that will count towards your overall score in the Pixie Hollow Games, so don’t miss out on easy points!!!

♥ Marigold


Not to brag, but I’m pretty good at Harvest Hustle! It was my favorite game on Pixie Hollow and a few times I ended up on the Pixie Hollow Leaderboards for the game! I would play for HOURS on end and end up finishing all the levels with a ridiculous score that was in the 300,000s. It was INSANE!!!

Since the version on the Disney Fairies Website only went up to level 20, I didn’t get to finish with one of those CRAZY scores, but still, THIS IS ALOT!


So here are my tips and tricks for this Pixie Hollow Game!


Especially in the earlier levels, by letting the trunk fill up, you can have way more food to group and work with! Since the earlier levels usually group large amounts of food together, use it to the most of your advantage by letting it pile…

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