PHG: What Happened?!?

Hi Pixies,

I want to start by apologizing, because I thought I had scheduled the PHG: Week 3 Competitions post to publish last Thursday (Sept. 15), but it turns out that something got messed up when I scheduled the post, because it never published!!! 😮

My blog’s main page updated like it was supposed to with the new week’s banner ad, but the link clearly didn’t work since the post never published. I don’t know what happened since I’ve never encountered this issue before, but I’m really sorry for not noticing this sooner. I thought it was odd that I didn’t receive any emails, “likes” or comments over the weekend concerning the post, but I was out of town and my tablet was acting up, so I didn’t think much of it until I got home and was able to get back on my laptop and realized what had happened…Again, I’m so sorry for not noticing this sooner 😦

The most shocking thing about all this is that NO ONE participating in the PHG (or anyone in the PBC for that matter) ever mentioned that the post was never published!!! Week 3 Competitions were scheduled to close by the end of the day tomorrow (Sept. 21) according to the Events’ calendar, so the fact that it was never mentioned highly concerns me :-/

Another issue that concerns me is the overall lack of participation in the PHG. I understand that pixies are busy with new classes and homework right now (I’m swamped, myself!), and no one who signed up was obligated to participate in all of the competitions due to this, but the fact that 4 of the 6 competitions have ended and only 9 of the 18 pixies who have signed up have participated in the games is very troubling…

Let me ask some questions to see if we can get to the bottom of the issue:

  1. Is there not enough time to complete the competitions?
  2. Are the competitions too difficult?
  3. Is it discouraging to see other pixies’ entries during the competitions, so it causes you not to enter?

Please leave a comment below or email me. This event was created for YOU, so I really do care what you think! ❤

Once I see the responses, I will make the necessary changes, reschedule Week 3 Competitions and publish the post.

♥ Marigold



14 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Snowflake Fancypuff on September 20, 2016 at 1:04 pm

    Hi Marigold,
    I noticed that the Week 3 Vanner link wasn’t working, and I was checking my email regularly hoping to see the Week 3 post from you. I didn’t contact you because I figured you were probably busy and had not had time to write or upload the post. I didn’t think anything else of it. I am so sorry all of this has happened and caused you distress. To all three questions my answer is “no.” I’m really enjoying the competitions. Again, I’m sorry for not contacting you about it…I was just being polite & thought there was probably nothing to worry about. I’ll be following other pixies’ responses to your questions, too. I hope everything works out. I’m in class but will check back later.
    Blessings 💕


    • Posted by Snowflake Fancypuff on September 20, 2016 at 1:08 pm

      I totally did not notice the date for the end of Week 3 competitions… that reflects poorly on me 🙁


    • Hi Snowpuff,
      Your answer is what I assumed happened in most cases (pixies noticing but just not saying anything), and I’m not angry with anyone, I just think maybe everyone’s really busy and preoccupied with other things…
      I just want to make sure there’s nothing I can change to make this event more enjoyable and get more participation. It may just be bad timing – which I can’t change at this point but will keep in mind for the future…
      Thank you for your thoughts ❤


      • Posted by Snowflake Fancypuff on September 20, 2016 at 2:56 pm

        I really feel for you and the predicament that you find yourself in. You’ve put so much hard work into this. I understand that you want it to be enjoyable for everyone — me too! And it’s a fabulous event. We’ll have to wait and see what other pixies say. I hope we’re able to continue the Games and have a great time! In the meantime, take care ❤️🌻


  2. I thought it was going to be where there was also something on FairyABC or worlize, not just things on blogs.


  3. Hey Mari! I did notice something was off but as Snow said I didn’t make much of it because I didn’t know there was a problem with the post itself, I just figured like half of the pixies that you might’ve been busy or simply had it scheduled for any day now. I didn’t realize….Oh man, I should’ve asked I saw like last week i think and didn’t say anything. I kept checking and good thing I saw this post today because usually I don’t open your blog posts tab much.

    Anyways, my answer to all three is no, I don’t even have classes till October 3rd so…And also writing….well that’s right up my alley finally something I could actually win. I’m sorry for saying this but I’m not a talented painter so maybe my entry with the flowers were a bit … .less pretty than the hand-made ones.

    Also, I’ll keep checking and hope to see the post soon and of course I’m in – also you could give us the theme for the writing challenge you’re aware as well as we are that writing is a long process it’s not done in three days. ( for me anyways).

    So if you could only give us that so we’d have something prepared till the official announcement of the competition week? Thanks.

    And keep it up – AND IM THIRD?? WOW. OKAY 😀


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