PHG: Juniper’s Story

Rainbow Falls
by Juniper (a.k.a. Angie)

Side Note:
This story was submitted during Week 3 Competitions of the 2016 Pixie Hollow Games.




After a quick attendance check, the competing pixies were led by Marigold Sunjewel, President of the Events’ Committee, to a remote location in Never Land to begin their next competition.

“Welcome to Rainbow Falls!” Marigold announced as the pixies landed and gathered around her. Many gazed in amazement at the sight of a rainbow-colored waterfall, but even more astonishing was the fact that the massive falls were softly cascading just barely above a whisper into the water below.

“Before I explain the rules,” Marigold said while flipping through her leaf handbook, “I want to inform all of you that this will be the most challenging competition you will face in the 2016 Pixie Hollow Games.”

Nervous chatter and questioning looks were exchanges amongst the competitors until Marigold continued.

“However, because of the difficulty level, I will give everyone a few minutes to divide up into teams of two to complete the challenge…Oh, and by the way, it might be beneficial for different talents to partner up–“

Suddenly, there was a thunderous sound that caused everyone to scream.

As everyone started to quiet down, they noticed that Marigold was on the ground.

“Mari?!” Juniper screamed in distress. Everyone flew after her to see what was wrong. Marigold was lying on the ground, fainted and with smoke coming from her wings.

“Are her wings on fire?!” another fairy, Raven asked.

Juniper sprayed them with water drops just enough to make the smoke stop. Marigold’s left wing was really badly damaged and she couldn’t fly anymore.

“Wha…Where are we?”

Marigold came to as the others were flying her back to the Hollow. She didn’t know what happened and neither did the others, but they didn’t care – all they wanted to do at that point was make sure that she would be okay and that she wouldn’t lose her wing for good.

They got her to the Pixie Nursery den and there the doctor let them in to see her after they admitted her and left her with the staff.

“Is she going to be able to use her wings, Doc?” Raven asked, scared. Juniper was sitting at her side, tearing up.

“She will, but not anytime soon. She needs rest for a few days. Then she has a flying therapy scheduled with Doctor Twist, and she’ll be up and running with his help in no time at all.”

Marigold came to around the middle of the doctor’s sentence and jumped out, looking like she’d been in a nightmare.

“No!! We can’t…I…What about the games?” she asked with a sad tone. She was right, however. So much hard work put into the Pixie Hollow Games for 2016, and they had so many obstacles along the way to make each round possible, and now when the finals had come there was nobody to guide them.

“It’s okay, Mari. We don’t need to do the finals. We’re just fine with nobody claiming the title of champion just as long as you’re okay.”

Marigold smiled. Even between all the sadness and anger she felt towards herself, she still found it in her to break a smile for all the rest.

“No,” she said as she wiped her eyes. Everyone was looking at her weirdly.

“I might be stuck here, but you all aren’t. I’ll instruct one of you to carry on and end this – please, I’ve put way too much effort as did the Event Committee for it to simply be thrown away because someone had to go and get injured.”

They couldn’t believe it. Despite being hurt and having to rest, she was still being stubborn. Raven knew her too well to know that there would be no way of convincing her otherwise, so she just nodded and approached.

“I’ll do it,” she said. However, Marigold asked her to step aside.

“I’m sorry, Raven. I just…I know you’ve put too much effort into the games, and I want you to get the shot at winning them. If you’re the leader, you won’t get that shot.”

Raven just shushed her and took her notepad.

“Okay, since I’ll be her replacement, I’ll need you to tell me exactly what I need to do.”

Marigold saw no point in arguing since Raven was determined.

Everyone else were outside while Raven was writing down what Marigold was telling her to do next. When they were done, she said her goodbye to Marigold and flew out of her room.

“We won’t be needing this.”

Raven threw the notepad away as soon as she came out.

“Raven, what are you-?” Crystal Airshine, another water-talent who participated, caught the flying notepad Raven threw.

“Forget about Marigold’s request. She’s stubborn, but we can show her that the games aren’t about being in them or winning them. Alright?”

Raven put her hand out in mid-air. Every other fairy put her hand on top of another.

“All for one – and Raven for all!” a fairy joked – her name was Rose, and she and Raven had known each other from a long while back.

Everyone laughed at Rose’s clever saying and then flew off.


A few days went by and not a single word about who the winner was from the final challenge. Marigold was worried. She was even more worried because she had no idea what made the sound and who or what struck her wing on the day of the Pixie Hollow Games finals.

“I can’t sit here and be useless. I have to go and see what did this to me,” she said to herself as she carefully and quietly slid outside her leaf bed. She knew that she was not supposed to go anywhere for two more days, but she being the most stubborn fairy to ever exist wouldn’t have it any other way.

She was too determined to let anyone stop her or get in her way. She walked back all the way to Rainbow Falls just to take a look at what struck her wing.

She stood at the place she was standing at when she was explaining herself to the others, when it happened again, only this time she dodged it.

She looked up in the sky and saw the clouds were all dark – they’ve been like that for days. At first she couldn’t get what was striking and then she realized the answer was within her all along.

“My bun? This is completely ridiculous, but –” Marigold said as she took a needle out of her hair, one which was holding her bun together. She put it straight up on the ground and stepped aside. Another strike happened, and it was absorbed by the needle.

“The needle attracted the lightning! That’s why it only hit me and the rest were okay!” she said, almost in relief. Now all she had to do was fly back to the hospital before anyone saw she was missing.

When she got back, it was a little too late to pretend she was asleep, so she just stood where she was at.

“There she is! Thank the Pixie Dust…” the nurse said as she saw Marigold standing in her room.

“Yes?” Marigold asked as she was trying to not look guilty of something.

“Your friends are here. They want to borrow you for a bit.”

Marigold followed the nurse and the others were all waiting for her.

They just took her hand without saying a word, blindfolded her and made her go to wherever they were leading her to.

“Where are we going?” Marigold kept asking, but no answer was provided by anyone.

Pretty soon the walking stopped and her blindfold was removed, but there was nobody with her and all there was in front of her was a door.

She opened it and from inside everyone started to shout, “Welcome back Marigold!!!”

She was stunned, speechless and tearing up.

“You told me to carry the games through to the end – and I did. We all won, Marigold, because we all did this together for you. I’m sorry for throwing your notepad away,” Raven said as she hugged her friend.

Marigold was crying, buried in Raven’s shoulder, and then she straightened up and spoke.

“You practically ignored my request, and failed to finish the games – in my way. All this time, throughout this whole competition, you all were winners to me, in every challenge. Of course, I could only pick one to get the gold medals, but if  it were up to me alone, you’d all be winners in anything, anytime,” she said as her eyes took her elsewhere.

“This place…Why does it… Hey, is that my tea set?” she asked, and then Rose told her they were actually in her own home which was completely unrecognizable because of all the party décor.

“I…This is perfect! Wait!”

She flew into another room and knocking and throwing of things could be heard from inside. She then flew out with medals in her hands.

“I have one for each one of you! They’re all the same – golden. You’ve all earned them and you all deserve to win this year’s games…So…I officially declare that this is the year of the rainbow – all talents have won!”

Everyone got a medal and wore it for the rest of the evening.

Marigold took the trophy chosen to be the winners’ award for the year, but instead she asked everyone to paint it in all the colors of the rainbow.

After a few days, when she could fly again, Marigold placed the rainbow trophy in the Ballroom with a leaf glued on the trunk the trophy was on which had a writing on it saying:




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  1. Juniper – I also added your story to the Pixie Hollow Library 🙂


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    Hope it’s okay 🙂


  4. Marigold what happened with this thing, who won?? xD


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