FairyABC: Adding in-game friends to forum friends

Hi Pixies,

For those of you who are new to FairyABC, a wonderful pixie named Pearl Cuteshine recently published a VERY helpful post in the FairyABC forum that explains how to add your in-game friends to your forum friends’ list! 😀 See below for instructions with screenshots.

**Note: The info and images used below were approved for republication by Pearl Cuteshine. Please give Pearl full credit if you re-blog and/or reuse the images below. Thank you.**

There’s a really easy way to add people you meet in-game here on the forums!

First you will need their Unique ID (an example is circled in red below):

Next, go to the “Friends” section in the forum (which you can find under “My” at the top):

This is where you can see everyone in your friends’ list. Now, click the tab “Search Friends”:

You will be taken to the “Search Friends” page. You can then insert the Unique ID into the box “User ID” then click the “Find” button:

You can then visit the pixie’s profile, add them as a friend, send a message, and more!


To read the original post and all comments, click here.


Marigold’s Musings: I was thinking about creating a list of pixies’ Unique IDs with their names below so pixies in the Pixie Blogging Community (PBC) who are members of FairyABC could find each other easier. If you want added to the list, please leave a comment below with your Unique ID ↓  😀

♥ Marigold



PBC Pixies’ Unique IDs on FairyABC:



4 responses to this post.

  1. Awesome blog! Thank you for sharing this with other pixies!


  2. I’d love to meet everyone! So I’m Juniper in-game mainly and my/her UID is: 104 🙂


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