I’m Still Here!

Hi Pixies,

Where has the time gone?!?!?!?! I blinked, and it was suddenly May!!! 😮

The semester isn’t over for me yet (*sighs*), so my presence will still be spotty until early June. However, please know that I’m still dropping by whenever I can to check emails, approve comments, and read new posts from the blogs I follow 😉

Speaking of new posts, it’s been noticeably quieter in the Pixie Blogging Community (PBC) over the last several weeks. I’m guessing most of you are just crazy busy like I am with classes wrapping up soon (amongst other Main Land commitments), but it’s been WAY less active than usual :-/ I’ll discuss this in more detail in an upcoming post, but as one of the original Pixie Hollow bloggers, I’m very concerned about the future of the PBC…

Anyway, on a happier note, two pixies recently announced that they’re back in the PBC after being away for a while! Welcome back, Primrose and Crystal!!! 😀 Please click on the links below to see their latest posts and welcome them back to the community:

Thanks for reading,
♥ Marigold



6 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Marigold,

    Thank you for your post and update. I hope you are doing well and finish the semester strong. Almost there! Just a little further! I’m not yet done myself, either. So looking forward to a break from schoolwork in summer. I, too, have noticed that the PBC has been very, very quiet lately. Other than you, me, and Rose it seems that no one else has been posting. I know Stella is busy wrapping up her senior year, and she’s made a couple posts. But so know there are many more pixies out there but no one is posting! I really wish other pixies would post more…even short posts with a picture or two, or a musing on life, anything. As you can tell, it saddens me too and I worry too… I look forward to reading your upcoming post.


  2. It’s alright Marigold, I know the feeling – my posts have become less frequent this year with everything that’s been happening, especially school. These schooling years are rather important ones for me, so I knew this would happen, but it surprises me that it’s May already – where did all that time go? :/

    On the bright side, you’re almost on Summer holidays, so keep on keeping on – you’re almost there! 😛


  3. Hi Marigold, this is Elva, after a mighty couple of years.
    I’m really sorry for suddenly giving up on the PBC… And I know that no amount of apology will ever make up to it, but still, I’m sorry, everyone.
    To top it all, I even forgot my wordpress password and email.It’s not possible to run my blog in the state of things I’m in, anyway..
    I’m still here,not more frequently but yeah. Still here 🙂
    I am really so happy to see we pixies have made it so far! Love you all ❤



  4. Hi Marigold! I’ve changed my mind about not posting on my blog 😀 So please can you move my blog from inactive pages to active pages?

    – Crystal ❤


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