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Complete the story August 2015 PHF event/contest

Hi guys it’s Carrie Tuliptwist! Just before I go into the awesome Pixie Hollow Forum event, I would just like to explain what on earth I am doing here! LOL. I was very honored when Marigold emailed me and said that she saw my post on the Pixie Talent Contest and she said that she would love if I posted about PHF events on her blog! Also, just to clarify I will still be posting about events on Raindrop’s flitterific blog. Next month i’ll post on  Raindrops blog and in October it will be here, on Marigolds blog and in… well you get the point :P.

Okay so this Event is a super awesome one. What it is, is a complete the story contest!


The story Mod’s (on the Pixie Hollow Forums) are throwing a party and have invited other Mod’s and admins! Our job is to write about the adventures they encounter to get there! This event is also a contest so you have a chance to win a signature or a PM (Private message) subscription! There are some important steps we have to follow so be sure you read them carefully!


1. Read the beginning of the story at the bottom of this post   
2. Select up to 3 mods to include in your story
3. Start your story where theirs left off!
4. 500 word minimum ( They’ll be counting!)
5. Keep it G-Rated
6. Entries due by August 29th

All the entries will be entered into a random drawing. If yours is chosen you have a choice of a one year signature or PM subscription! Everyone who enters will receive this award:


Don’t forget, it can get kind of boring for the admins reading all those stories so make yours the zaniest, craziest most hilarious story ever to keep them entertained!

Here is a list of all the admins and MOD’s you have to choose from:

Book Thing
Coconut Tulippetal
Fairy Hoppins
Julie Sunripple
Mommy 2 Jules
Night Wish
Raven Sparkleswirl
Sapphire Sweetfeather

The first part of the story you have to finish is in this post where you have to submit your finished story in the comments:

So get writing guys!

Fly with you, Carrie Tuliptwist

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