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Calling All Pixie Bloggers!

Going through the section of Other Pixies’ Pages on my home page, I’ve noticed only a very small handful of fairies still post on their blogs  😦  I know I don’t have much room to talk since I haven’t posted on here since January (my apologies – I’m trying to post more now), but I still approve comments and update the secret codes when I can. Most of the pixies’ pages I have listed haven’t posted since last summer, so I assume they either aren’t in Pixie Hollow anymore or just don’t have time to maintain a blog.

Because of this, I am looking for pixies who have their own blog (or website) where I can direct my readers to get the latest news and insight from Pixie Hollow!

I’m looking for serious bloggers and writers who are committed to posting on their sites at least once a week (more would obviously be better, but I understand how life can get in the way). To be considered, leave me a comment with a link to your blog. If it meets the criteria I’m looking for, I’ll not only add it to my Other Pixies’ Pages section, I’ll also feature it in a post with pictures and highlights!  😀 

The deadline is June 30, 2013, so make sure you create a comment below with a link to your site. I’m so excited to see what other pixies are writing about! Questions? Let me know!


Animal Friends 101

Hey, pixie pals! I know I completely missed posting in April, but I’ll try to make it up to you this month, k?  😉 

There’s a huge focus on animals right now in the Hollow with the Animal Mother’s Day event going on, and us Animal-Talents have had our hands full! Here are some examples:


I’m still volunteering at Beck’s on the weekends. Especially now that animal friends are cheaper, it’s been absolutely nuts in there! Fawn asked if I could also help Elixa at the pet hospital, so I just go wherever I’m needed most at the time.

For those of you considering getting an animal friend, here are some helpful tips and info:

It really bums me out when pixies get a pet and really don’t have the time or understanding to take care of it, so they think it’s the pet with the problem, release it, and go buy a different one just to start the cycle all over again  😦 

Just so you know, taking care of your animal friend isn’t a 24/7 thing. Once your pet’s levels are all at 100, you can go about your day as usual and you won’t hear a tweet out of them  😉  I would suggest checking on your pet the moment you enter the Hollow. This way, you don’t run out of time to feed/play/heal them. Also, then your pet can follow you around at full levels and bring you gifts faster. It’s a win-win situation.

To celebrate the lower costs on buying animal friends, I finally got a baby hummingbird earlier this week  😀  Here’s a couple of pics of Dash:

He’s been such a fun pet  🙂  Marigold and I setup a playdate later today for her ladybug Rosejewel and my hummingbird Dash to meet and play together. We’ll let you know how it goes  😉 

Some ppl have remarked that I’m very observant for a dude. Well, it must come from being an Animal-Talent, because I find myself sometimes chillin ’round random areas of the Hollow and just observing what other pixies are doing. I’m always aware of what’s going on around me. “Eyes like a hawk and voice like are lark,” as Fawn always says to me. You may not know this, but my singing abilities are better than your average sparrow man’s, which is why Beck and Fawn ask me to sing to the animals so often.

I know this is going to shock you, but I’m going to try to stay single for a while to refocus my life and spend quality time with my new pet Dash. Yeah, I still really like Bobbin, but she doesn’t want to be in a relationship because she’s always busy, so I need to back off and give her some space. I’m cool with that. I need to trust my instincts and stop wasting time chasing fairies so much. I know it’s a total breakthrough on my end, but I had to wake up sooner or later, right?  😛 

This certainly turned into a novel of a post, huh? Leave me a comment about your thoughts on animal friends. Also, if you have any questions about animals, just ask! Fly with you later, pixies  🙂

Feisty Fairies

Hey, pixie pals! As promised, I’m back for the March installment of “What Heron Heard”! (Sorry that there are no pictures. I promise to have some for my next post.)

I don’t know how many of you are Animal-Talents out there in reader-land, but winter into spring time is nearly as hectic as fall into winter! Many animals will be coming out of hibernation in the Never Woods, birds will be migrating back from the tropics, and everyone’s panicking that there will be another disaster right before Spring gets here (like the last two years in the Hollow), so Fawn has us getting prepared for about any scenario. All I can say is that I wish Spring would get here already, because I’m beat!  😦 

I was reading through Marigold’s blog and fairies’ comments from the last few weeks, and everyone seems to be obsessed with clothes! Aren’t there more important things to use your diamonds on? Girls! :shakes head: I do have to congratulate those who helped Marigold convince the Never Council to release the clothes at the post office, though. I kept telling her they would never listen to her, but they did! I was totally floored! Yes, I’ll admit I was wrong, but just this once  😉 

Speaking of girls, Marigold told me I need to tone down talking about who I’m dating and “other girl nonsense.” Hey, it’s what’s going on in my life, so why shouldn’t I talk about it? Don’t you want a fresh prospective from time to time to see how life is from a sparrow man’s point of view? I say, lay off and let me be myself  😛

I’ll keep the sharing about girls short and sweet this time, all right? When Bobbin kept refusing to go on a date with me, I went on a date with another fairy to make her jealous…and it worked! Well, sort of. Bobbin told me that she likes me but doesn’t really want to be in a “relationship” right now, so we’ve just been hanging out and gathering together when we can. I really like her, so I’m willing to take things slow to keep her happy  😀 

I don’t know if it’s the weather or what, but fairies have been very feisty lately! It’s like some fairies are randomly picking on other fairies just to cause problems and make a scene. And for what? Are they trying to earn the “Jerk of the Day” badge??? Why can’t we all just be friends? Or (at the very least) be tolerable of others? Just today, I was chillin in Havendish when a fairy (named Rose) came out of nowhere and told another fairy (named Helen) that she was a “creeper”. Helen was really confused and asked Rose to explain, but Rose eventually said she was just joking and flew off. Some girls are totally weird  o_0

Back to the topic about Pixie Diamonds, I was going to save mine to get a pet (for obvious reasons), but I’m so crazy busy that I’m afraid I won’t have enough time to devote to my little winged friend  😦  I believe one reader was thinking about getting a pet until the whole dress thing blew up, so I don’t know who to turn to for help. Do any of you readers have a pet? If so, how much time and dedication do you personally put in to keep them happy and healthy?

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. I’ll try to post again before April, but I can’t make any promises since it’s hard enough posting once a month. Fly with you later, pixies  🙂 


What’s the Name of the Game?

Hey, Pixie Pals! As keeping with my promise (and after some reminders from Marigold), I’m back for the February installment of “What Heron Heard”!

So, with the new Pixie Diamonds out now, I got 7 diamonds free to do whatever I wanted with. Sweet! I FINALLY was able to dye my shirt a nice shade of black, so I’m happy with my new look  😀  The ladies aren’t complaining, either  😉  If anything, I’m getting MORE attention with my black shirt than I was before. I can’t help it that I look like a bad boy…Well, I’m sure the black shirt isn’t helping now. Anyway, I’m going to hold onto my last 5 diamonds and see what else comes out this year…Or maybe send some gifts to my lady friends  😉

Speaking of ladies, in an effort to up my Talent Level (now that us non-members can finally get above Level 2), I decided to finally complete all the non-member quests from the mentor fairies. I was spending a lot of time at Bobbin’s since I’m not the best at tailoring, but she always encouraged me and said the nicest things.

She was really just being sarcastic. I couldn’t be a Tailor-Talent if my life depended on it! I usually get more paint on myself than the on the garments, my cutting skills suck, placing the pattern takes me forever, and stitching is impossible with that hyper spider! Bobbin has been very sweet and patient with me, though, and I can’t say that I didn’t like the attention  😉  She is quite honestly one of the most beautiful fairies in all of Pixie Hollow…

I have been trying to get Bobbin to go with me to the theater to watch some of the concerts, but she’s always busy…Bummer  😦

Beck’s Animal Nursery has been super busy lately since non-members can now buy pets, so I’ve been helping out there lately.

Aren’t they little angels when they’re sleeping?  😉  It just so happens that the nursery is located in the same tree as Bobbin’s Tailoring Nook, so I’ve been dropping by so say hi to Bobbin when I can. I know, it’s getting pathetic  😛

I was hanging out in Havendish Square this afternoon, when a newbie named Jacob was getting a little too close for some of the fairies liking, and telling some that they have “nice buts”  :O  Not a good way to make friends, Dude! After he finally left, a few fairies said they reported him, so he’s gonna be in big trouble the next time he tries to come and “play” in the hollow. I would have taken a picture of the ordeal, but my camera wasn’t working at the time  😦  Sorry, pals.

I heard that Vidia will be dropping in to the Ballroom when Tinker Bell and Terence visit this weekend…

Man, is she scary! I’m not sure what she’s up to, but I heard it from a reliable source that she will definitely be there at some point.

That’s all I’ve got for right now. If I hear anything else, I’ll either make a new post or let Marigold know! Fly with you later, pixies  🙂

Back in the Saddle Again – I’m Back!

Hey, pixies! Sorry to keep you hanging since March…I’m really bad at committing myself to something for too long. I get bored easy, what can I say?

Thanks to my good friend Marigold, she has allowed me to post my thoughts on her blog starting this year since I’ve terrible with keeping up with my own blog. Marigold has been doing an awesome job here, huh? She’s been bugging me forever to update mine, but I just haven’t had time…or the motivation… 😛

So why am I back? Well, the New Year is here, I always have a lot to talk about, and I have to keep some kind of journal for my mentor (Fawn) to grade after each season to see my progress. My New Year’s resolution? To write AT LEAST once a month. Sounds easy enough, but I obviously had problems last year with this task.

So here’s the breakdown of my life over the last 9 months:
I’ve been working hard to get my talent points, but a community sparrow man can only get so far when he’s not a Member. I’ve been volunteering at the animal nursery on the weekends and, recently, I’ve been assisting other animal talents at the Animal Derby since some animals have been getting injured during the races. Nothing too serious has happened, but it keeps me busy and constantly around animals – which I love. I still haven’t found “the one” in terms of a significant other, but I’ve dated a considerable number of fairies over the months, and they just get better and better 😉  My last relationship lasted nearly an entire month, so I’m not so much of a “player” now. It just sucked breaking up right before Winter Wonderland, but she’s a Member and I’m not, so I couldn’t go to the fancy parties in the Ballroom or Ice Palace anyway.

So what has Heron heard lately? Everyone is buzzing about Pixie Diamonds!

According to Sweet Pea, they will be coming out sometime soon, but the higher-ups are keeping their lips sealed. Here’s a letter I found that was sent to registered members:

Hello Pixie Pal,

Beginning early next year, Pixie Hollow will be introducing an exciting new feature called Pixie Diamonds! This brand new feature allows all players to enjoy shopping in Pixie Hollow – no Membership required.

Pixie Diamonds are a new way for players to get things in Pixie Hollow without having to become a Member. Any player will be able to purchase Pixie Diamonds using their credit card or PayPal account. These will be non-recurring one time purchases, but you can get as many Pixie Diamonds as you like. Membership is not required to purchase Pixie Diamonds.

Pixie Hollow Members will also receive a monthly allowance of Pixie Diamonds for as long as they are an active Member. Members will be able to use Pixie Diamonds in the game as well to enhance their experience. It’s just another perk of being a Pixie Hollow Member!

Here’s what all players will be able to do with Pixie Diamonds:
Get new clothes and accessories for their Fairy or Sparrow Man
Adopt an adorable Animal Friend
Buy and decorate a new Fairy Home
Send postcards and gifts to their Fairy friends
Throw a pixie party and invite friends to play party games
Best of all, most items you buy in game with Pixie Diamonds – like clothes and home items – will always* be available for your Fairy to use – even if your Membership expires.

We hope you are as excited as we are about this upcoming addition to Pixie Hollow and keep your eyes peeled for Pixie Diamonds – happy flapping!

Thank you,
Member Services
Disney Fairies Pixie Hollow

I will reveal more as I hear more 🙂

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