Pixie Prom Ideas {2017}

Please vote for the theme of the upcoming Pixie Prom!!! 😀
♥ Marigold

Primrose The Pixie

Hey my Flutterific Pixies, it’s me Primrose!

So the reason why I’m posting this, is because I’ve been thinking. Every year Gwyn and I, both host the Pixie Prom as you probably already know,  we come up with theme. So, I was wondering you guys could do us a huge favor for this year? If you guys can comment on both our blogs for what theme you guys would like that would be a huge help! The most requested will MOST likely be chosen as the theme for the Pixie Prom!

Some of my ideas:

*~Classical Ballroom~*

{~}Winter Festival{~}

&*& Seasonal Feast &*& {You can dress up as a Autumn fairy, Winter, Summery fairy, Spring Fairy}

^v Vintage Ball v^

() Nature/River Ball ()

% Animal Themed Ball %

Have a Flutterific day! Fly with you later, my Flutterific Pixies!

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I’m Still Here!

Hi Pixies,

Where has the time gone?!?!?!?! I blinked, and it was suddenly May!!! 😮

The semester isn’t over for me yet (*sighs*), so my presence will still be spotty until early June. However, please know that I’m still dropping by whenever I can to check emails, approve comments, and read new posts from the blogs I follow 😉

Speaking of new posts, it’s been noticeably quieter in the Pixie Blogging Community (PBC) over the last several weeks. I’m guessing most of you are just crazy busy like I am with classes wrapping up soon (amongst other Main Land commitments), but it’s been WAY less active than usual :-/ I’ll discuss this in more detail in an upcoming post, but as one of the original Pixie Hollow bloggers, I’m very concerned about the future of the PBC…

Anyway, on a happier note, two pixies recently announced that they’re back in the PBC after being away for a while! Welcome back, Primrose and Crystal!!! 😀 Please click on the links below to see their latest posts and welcome them back to the community:

Thanks for reading,
♥ Marigold


FairyABC Pixie Video Night

Hi, Pixies! 😀

Just a few hours ago, FairyABC announced that they will be debuting an all-new event called Pixie Video Night tonight and tomorrow:


On Friday and Saturday evenings (May 05-06, 2017), we are having video nights in the theater. Everyone can share a video and the admins will play them at the party. Yes, we can play videos in the theater now 🙂
If you want your favorite video to be played at the party, please leave a comment with the video link (click here to leave your comment on FairyABC’s site).
Time: 8:00-9:00pm CST time On Friday and Saturday evening, May 05 and 06, 2017
Location: The theater
Rules: All videos must be limited to 5 minutes.

To read the original post, click here.

Are you planning to attend? Let me know in the comments below ↓ 🙂

Thanks for reading,
♥ Marigold


Rosetta in WDW!

Hi Pixies,

The Disney Parks Blog has a section called “Disney Doodles” and one of my favorite fairies was featured this month:

Today’s Disney Doodle takes a look at what Rosetta, the Garden Fairy of the Disney Fairies, would do if she had the chance to visit a Disney theme park.

According to the imagination of artist Ashley Taylor, Rosetta and her love of plants may draw her to Epcot – especially this time of year when the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival is on.

“I love the Disney Fairies!” Ashley said. “I can easily imagine Rosetta taking care of all of the greenhouse plants in the Living with the Land attraction at Epcot.”

Pretty awesome, huh? 😉

To see the original post, click here.

Thanks for reading,
♥ Marigold


Spring Pixie Poem Entry

Hi Pixies,

As you saw from my previous post, the lovely Faith Fancypuff (a.k.a. Snowpuff) is hosting a Spring Pixie Poem Challenge 😀

I love Snowpuff’s poem challenges, because she just provides an image and asks you to write a poem about it. No rules, no restrictions, just you and your imagination 😉

Here’s the image she provided for this challenge:

Here’s my entry:

Their happiness, a torch in the night,
Their laughter, their joy, bursting with light,
To join in their fun,
To shine like the sun,
Would be an absolute delight.


Thanks for reading,
♥ Marigold



Pixie Poetry Challenge!

A new Poetry Challenge for Spring! See below for details and submit your poem by April 5 🙂
♥ Marigold


Secrets of a Garden Pixie

Hi fairies,

I promised it would come! The Pixie Poetry Challenge is here!!

The Challenge:

Can you write a poem for this picture?

Any type of poem will do – let your heart guide you!

Iridessa and her fireflies

Artwork by Caterina Giorgetti


Please email your poetry to: snowflakefancypuff@gmail.com

by Wednesday, April 5, 2017

All participants will earn a shimmerific badge!


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Beauty and the Beast Style Guide

Hi Pixies,

It’s finally here!!!!!!!!! 😀

In the US, Disney’s live action film Beauty and the Beast is now in theaters!!!!!!

Here’s the Official Trailer in case you missed it (which is sooo similar to the animated version that it’s crazy exciting):

Also, here’s the beautiful new music video for “Beauty and the Beast” sung by Ariana Grande and John Legend for this movie:

In celebration of this highly anticipated movie, below are a bunch of awesome tutorials, inspired collections, and other fun ways to get yourself Beauty and the Beast ready! Don’t be afraid to show your love for this tale as old as time 😉

Belle’s Hairstyle Tutorial:

Belle’s Makeup Tutorial:

Unique Vintage Tale As Old as Time Collection:

MINKPINK Beauty and the Beast-inspired Collection:

Christopher Kane’s Beauty and the Beast-inspired Collection:

SUPRA Beauty and the Beast-inspired Shoes:

Alex Monroe’s Beauty and the Beast Jewelry:

PANDORA’s Disney Charm Collection:

Beauty and the Beast high-resolution wallpapers for phones, tablets, and desktops:

Have any other cool Beauty and the Beast links you want to share? Please do so in the comments below ↓ 😀

Thanks for reading,
♥ Marigold


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