Shattered Blue by Lauren Bird Horowitz

Shattered Blue_cover

Shattered Blue by Lauren Bird Horowitz

(5 out of 5 stars)

I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I would like to sincerely thank Skyscape for this exciting opportunity 😀

Categories: Teens & YA, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Publication Date: September 15, 2015
Publisher: Skyscape
Edition Language: English
Series:  Book 1 of 3 in The Light Trilogy

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Synopsis: For Noa and Callum, being together is dangerous, even deadly. From the start, sixteen-year-old Noa senses that the mysterious transfer student to her Monterey boarding school is different. Callum unnerves and intrigues her, and even as she struggles through family tragedy, she’s irresistibly drawn to him. Soon they are bound by his deepest secret: Callum is Fae, banished from another world after a loss hauntingly similar to her own.

But in Noa’s world, Callum needs a special human energy, Light, to survive; his body steals it through touch—or a kiss. And Callum’s not the only Fae on the hunt. When Callum is taken, Noa must decide: Will she sacrifice everything to save him? Even if it means learning their love may not be what she thought?

: “Fae” is a Shakespearian alternate term for fairies and pixies.


Marigold’s Review:

Shattered Blue‘s interesting cover and enticing synopsis immediately caught my attention, because it sounded similar to the Twilight saga’s plot except with fairies instead of vampires – which is way better 😉

I quickly became addicted to reading this book once I started it. It was agonizing having to tear myself away (just one more page!), and I thought about the book constantly. There were so many likable characters, super relatable and realistic scenarios, incredible plot twists, and insane cliffhangers that I couldn’t wait to find out what would happen next! 😀

Instead of having chapters, the book is separated into three sections: Noa, Callum, and Judah. Even with these separations, each section flowed seamlessly into one another while providing more points of view to the reader. The story is written in third person omniscient but primarily focuses on Noa Sullivan – a teenager attending an elite boarding school called Harlow Academy in California.

Noa is grieving the sudden loss of her older sister Isla – who was also her best friend and roommate at Harlow. Isla had died from an accident just three months ago, and Noa must now commute to school with her 3-year-old sister Sasha since their mother is too distraught to take care of herself – let alone a toddler.

Noa constantly suppresses her grief so she can take care of Sasha, attend classes, and try to get some normalcy back into her life. Her close school friends are very supportive, and Noa secretly loves to read and write poetry to release her emotions (she’s an amazing poet). However, flashbacks of Isla’s death continue to haunt her and cause moments of heart wrenching vulnerability.

At only 16 years old, Noa’s bravery and relatable teenage behavior make her a very likable main character. There’s also something different/special about her that no one can quite explain. She’s obsessed with fairytales and seems to sense when the “air moves differently” around certain people who she comes into contact with (her good friends call it “Spidey Senses”).

Enter Callum Forsythe – a handsome and mysterious transfer student. Noa is immediately drawn to him and, although he is initially distant around her, they begin spending time together and eventually go on a date. Callum is very careful not to touch her, but when they finally kiss, Noa feels something so explosive, so foreign and magical, she knows Callum is special.

After some extreme convincing (which seemed very out of character for Noa), Callum reluctantly reveals that he is Color Fae – specifically Blue Fae. Callum is from another realm called Aurora where there are Red, Green, Blue, and Clear fairies. Each color represents the natural talent the pixie possesses, and the pixies can strengthen and grow their talents with practice over time – which can be used for good or evil.

Colored Fae can only use their talents if they have Light (otherwise known as pixie dust). In Aurora, Light is abundant and as naturally occurring as air. In the mortal realm, although Light is contained within every human, taking it comes at a price. Fairies crave Light and can simply touch a human to extract it, but Light is a human’s happiness, and once the Light is taken, it cannot be returned.

Callum and Noa rapidly fall in love, but Callum doesn’t want to take Noa’s Light every time they touch, so he has a talisman made to protect her from fae talents. However, forging the talisman came at a high cost, and Callum is eventually taken by evil fae. I was initially annoyed that Callum would risk so much after only knowing Noa for such a short period of time, but more information was revealed in the last section that made sense for his actions.

Noa is determined to do anything to get Callum back, but her quest to rescue him reveals dark secrets that make Noa question what Callum has told her. Also, a love triangle takes Noa (and the reader) by surprise towards the end of the story. I’m hoping that Callum will have good explanations for everything Noa has heard, but I like the idea of her having options 😉

As the book was about to end, the author threw in a HUGE curve ball I never saw coming! I felt like a gigantic rug had been pulled out from underneath me – leaving me totally shocked and completely confused about my feelings concerning Callum, Judah, and Sasha. Because I have no idea when the next book in the series will be released (I’m hoping to find out from the publisher), I want to re-read this book a few times to see if I missed any hints or foreshadowing before moving forward to the next.

I am SOOO grateful that I was given the opportunity to read this book, because the writing is absolutely masterful and the story completely blew me away! I haven’t read a book this good since the Harry Potter series, so that’s saying an awful lot about the author and her ability to write such a remarkable piece of literature. Her time and talents certainly paid off, and I’m sure this book will become a must-read for any teen and young adult. I thoroughly enjoyed Shattered Blue and can’t wait for the next one in the trilogy to be released!!! 😀

Note to Publisher:
When is the next book in this series going to be released? 😉

Click here to read her answer plus some clues about the upcoming sequel 😀



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