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Mermaid Grotto OPEN!

Hey peeps! Today’s such an excitingly insane day – Silly Days start, Tink’s Comedy Show begins at the Fairy Tale Theater, Merfairies are visiting this afternoon and Mermaid Grotto is now OPEN!!!  😀  Who doesn’t like mermaids, seriously?  😉  Here’s the breakdown of events:

Silly Days
April 12 through April 25, 2012

Besides the usual festivities of this event, fly over to Dulcie’s Kitchen in Neverberry Thicket where a limited time Fish Bubble Silly Sweet can be unlocked for personal baking (Members only). Here’s a screenshot of the new Fish Bubble in action:

Isn’t the little fishie adorable?! Love it  🙂

Plus, flap over to Fairy Tale Theater to shop Cassie’s Costumes for silly styles and props. The pie in the face props are hysterical – lol – I’m laughing just thinking about it…LOL…I can’t stand it – here’s a pic so you can see it (hehe):


Tink’s Comedy Show
April 12 through April 25, 2012
Begins at the top of every hour on every server in the Fairy Tale Theater. (Note: I was in the theater at the top of the hour on a quiet server and waited for 10 minutes and no one showed up…I think this issue happened last year too.)
Members, wear the hideous Rainbow Wig from Cassie’s Costume Shop during the show, and you will get a special badge!

The malfunction at the theater has been fixed! The comedy show only lasts about 4 minutes, so get there early to see the entire show! It’s actually a pretty good show compared to the last couple years. Here’s a screenshot of me talking to TERENCE  – jealous much, Marigold?  😛 


Meet the Merfairies
April 12, 2012 (TODAY!) from 3 to 4 pm PST
Sunflower Gully – Top 10 servers
(Read Marigold’s post about them here.)


Mermaid Grotto Members Only
April 12 through April 25, 2012

Entrance is located in Palm Tree Cove:

Complete Silvermist’s new quest called Silvermist’s Mermaid Mission to earn a key to Mermaid Grotto. Once inside the Grotto, grab a crustaceous disguise and read the signpost to find out how to see a mermaid for yourself (!!!)and get a badge to prove you saw one! Here’s a top secret photo from inside the Grotto:

Can you believe it?!? REAL mermaids this year! And there’s more than 1  😉  You gotta hand it to my amazing mentor to make this the best Mermaid Grotto adventure ever!

More pics and secrets to come!  🙂 

Cya soon ❤


Fairy Tale Theater Concerts

Wow! You pixies are totally rocking the Fairy Tale Theater Concert Stage! Bands and solo acts have been taking the stage with the cool costumes and instruments from Cassie’s. Check out this snapshot of one Fairy band’s flaptastic performance! Have you made a band with your Fairy friends yet?

Plus, have you seen Dulcie lately? She seems super frazzled about the Silly Sweets that she’s making especially for the Fairy Friendship Festival, which starts this Thursday. Maybe it will help if we give her some suggestions! What are your ideas for new friendship-themed Silly Sweets?

Happy flapping!

Sweet Pea


Q: Wouldn’t it be cool if Dulcie made BFF Silly Sweets? The word BFF could appear above a fairy’s head. But my other idea is that if two fairies use the BFF Silly Sweet, a heart will appear around both of them when they are close together! That would be awesome! This silly sweet shows we should stick together and be friends!
A: Flitterific ideas! Sticking together and being friends is what the Fairy Friendship Festival is all about.

Q: I was thinking, what if we had an after party like they do for real after a concert, and we can get all kinds of SILLY SWEETS?!?
A: Wow, that sounds so fun!

Q: I know it says if you leave a tray of cookies you get a present, but I can’t find the tray of cookies…Do you know where it is?
A: The Tray of Cookies is for sale at Ember’s Essentials Shop in Chilly Falls. It’s part of the Featured Theme #3 Collection.

Q: Why was there a gift in Neverberry Thicket with a sunflower cookie in it?
A: The gift box you found must have been leftover from one of baking-talent Dulcie’s Sweet Week visits. Check out the Event Calendar to find out when you can catch her next:

Q: I think it would be nice to have friendship bracelets.
A: Friendship jewelry is for sale right now at the Pixie Post Office and Bella’s Baubles Shop! At the Pixie Post Office, you can send friendship necklaces and bracelets to your Fairy friends.


To read the original post and see all the comments, click here.


Have you sang or played on the concert stage? Have you submitted a song to Pixie Postings? Let me know!  😀 


Rock Concert

I said, ARE YOU PIXIES READY TO ROCK?! There’s a super exciting update coming to Fairy Tale Theater this Thursday – a Concert Stage! Pretty sweet, huh? Naturally, Cassie’s Costumes will be selling wicked wardrobe choices like the ones pictured above for your big stage debuts. Double sweetness! And, if you’ve ever dreamed of writing a song, now’s the time! Submit your original song lyrics as a poem here, and your song could get featured in the Pixie Postings.

Gale and Ember are going to be rocking the Hollow come Thursday, too! They’re amping up their shops with something new: Gale’s Outfitters will now sell wardrobe collections inspired by outfits you pixies have put together, and Ember’s Essentials will start selling storage collections inspired by your home designs. This is the last call for you to buy the items currently in their shops!

Later talent-gamers,



Q: Will the guitar be available, too?
A: That rockin’ guitar and more awesome instruments will be for sale at Cassie’s Costumes.

Q: Do you have to be a Member to do this?
A: Fairy Tale Theater is open to everybody. Plus, the outfits and instruments will be available to purchase with Ingredients (if you’re a Member) or Pixie Diamonds (all players).

Q: Are there going to be awesome new earrings for the girl fairies?
A: Those earrings that the Fairy to my left is wearing are pretty awesome, so I’d say yes! Fly to Cassie’s on Thursday to pick up a pair for yourself!

Q: Does this mean that Gale and Ember will no longer be carrying their favorites? Or does it mean that they will still carry their favorites, but instead of seasonal items, they are going to feature the designs/styles of in-game fairies?
A: Gale will still carry her favorites. We’re giving you the heads up now, so that you can be sure to buy any of the seasonal items that are in their shops now before they disappear.


To read the original post and all the comments, click here.



Fairy Tale Theater – Lyria

I have tried for the last four days to see Lyria, and I either missed her by a minute or she never showed up! 😦

Here’s the latest from Sweet Pea:

I just tried again to see Lyria perform, but I got held up a bit while flying to Havendish Square and ended up just missing her! One of the fairies in the audience told me Lyria performs for all of a minute and leaves, so I literally had just missed her. So frustrating! As soon as I finally catch the performance, I’ll post screen shots on here.

How did you like Lyria’s performance? Will you go back and see it again?

August 2011 Calendar

After not seeing Lyria perform yesterday, I went to the Pixie Hollow Calendar to see if they changed the date on us, but the entire calendar was completely blank – leading me to believe that they were “tinkering” on it.

My suspicions were correct, because the August 2011 events calendar was revealed today:

Looks like another busy month! I like Lyria and all, but I’m sure she’s performing the same thing day after day, so I wish they would change it up every other week to be more talent-related or something. Oh, well.

Tinker-Talent Training

Animal-Talent training is over, but Tinker-Talent training is finally here! 🙂

Lyria was supposed to be in the Fairy Tale Theater every hour at the top of the hour starting today, but I have yet to see her 😦 I’m waiting to hear back from the Never Council as to what’s going on…

*UPDATE* Here’s what the Never Council posted under “Known Issues”:

I’m hoping to catch her at some point today (7/20/11). I’ll keep you posted!

Mermaid Friends Forever

“Mermaid Friends Forever” has returned to the Fairy Tale Theater 🙂 What everyone is hoping is that they will bring back the Mermaid Grotto (for what Marina calls) the week of the mermaid. No promises, but we can hope 😉

“Mermaid Friends Forever” was released on October 15, 2009 and retired on November 30, 2009. I don’t believe that it made an appearance last year in 2010. The costumes for this play looked nearly identical to what was released this year for Silly Days when the Mermaid Grotto opened, so I’m wondering what they’ll use this time…

To see the 2009 play’s dialogue, stage set, props and costumes, click here.

*UPDATE* The dialogue, stage set, props and costumes are identical to what was released in 2009. Kind of a bummer, but I’m sure many new fairies are appreciating having the play come back since they weren’t in Pixie Hollow two years ago.

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