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Sapphire’s Secret Treasures

Hey peeps! I know it’s been FOREVER AND A DAY since I’ve posted, but I’m back and prepping to open my NEW SHOP on Marigold’s blog!!!!!!!! 😀


Sapphire’s Secret Treasures


Can you believe it?!? Marigold is the BEST!!! I’m still totally reeling! 😀

Since PH closed, I’ve been treasure hunting on the Mainland and have bunches of AMAZING finds to share! 😉

Here are some sneak peeks of treasures that will be available in my shop:

Pixie Dust_Final

Disney Store exclusive fragrance



Wings cut-out tee (plus DIY!)



Glowing dew drop necklace


More info on these treasures will be revealed once my shop opens 😉

Which treasure are you most excited to get your hands on?????????

More secret treasures are coming!!!!!!!!!! 😀

Cya soon



Mermaid Grotto OPEN!

Hey peeps! Today’s such an excitingly insane day – Silly Days start, Tink’s Comedy Show begins at the Fairy Tale Theater, Merfairies are visiting this afternoon and Mermaid Grotto is now OPEN!!!  😀  Who doesn’t like mermaids, seriously?  😉  Here’s the breakdown of events:

Silly Days
April 12 through April 25, 2012

Besides the usual festivities of this event, fly over to Dulcie’s Kitchen in Neverberry Thicket where a limited time Fish Bubble Silly Sweet can be unlocked for personal baking (Members only). Here’s a screenshot of the new Fish Bubble in action:

Isn’t the little fishie adorable?! Love it  🙂

Plus, flap over to Fairy Tale Theater to shop Cassie’s Costumes for silly styles and props. The pie in the face props are hysterical – lol – I’m laughing just thinking about it…LOL…I can’t stand it – here’s a pic so you can see it (hehe):


Tink’s Comedy Show
April 12 through April 25, 2012
Begins at the top of every hour on every server in the Fairy Tale Theater. (Note: I was in the theater at the top of the hour on a quiet server and waited for 10 minutes and no one showed up…I think this issue happened last year too.)
Members, wear the hideous Rainbow Wig from Cassie’s Costume Shop during the show, and you will get a special badge!

The malfunction at the theater has been fixed! The comedy show only lasts about 4 minutes, so get there early to see the entire show! It’s actually a pretty good show compared to the last couple years. Here’s a screenshot of me talking to TERENCE  – jealous much, Marigold?  😛 


Meet the Merfairies
April 12, 2012 (TODAY!) from 3 to 4 pm PST
Sunflower Gully – Top 10 servers
(Read Marigold’s post about them here.)


Mermaid Grotto Members Only
April 12 through April 25, 2012

Entrance is located in Palm Tree Cove:

Complete Silvermist’s new quest called Silvermist’s Mermaid Mission to earn a key to Mermaid Grotto. Once inside the Grotto, grab a crustaceous disguise and read the signpost to find out how to see a mermaid for yourself (!!!)and get a badge to prove you saw one! Here’s a top secret photo from inside the Grotto:

Can you believe it?!? REAL mermaids this year! And there’s more than 1  😉  You gotta hand it to my amazing mentor to make this the best Mermaid Grotto adventure ever!

More pics and secrets to come!  🙂 

Cya soon ❤

Egg Hunt Help

Hey, peeps! My name’s Sapphire Iceflame, and this is my first post on Marigold’s blog! Pretty crazy, I know  😛 

As you know, the 2012 Never Dove Egg Hunt is in full swing, but if you’re a member and having major problems finding all the eggs, let me share some secrets to help you get your badge before the hunt ends this Wednesday (April 11th)  😀 


There are 15 eggs (the “eggs” are actually painted pebbles) hidden around Havendish Square, and 3 eggs are hidden within each of the following locations: Havendish Square, the Tearoom, the Ballroom, Fairy Tale Theater, and the Fairy Coliseum. When you find one of the spectacularly painted eggs, just click on it to add it to your total. Easy, right?  😉 

Non-members can kind of participate by collecting 12 of the 15 eggs (since we are not allowed in the Ballroom – so unfair). But you must collect all 15 eggs to get the 2012 Never Dove Egg Hunt Badge. Sorry non-members, I don’t make the rules.

With some help from my forum fairy friend Iris Waterdew (a member), I have pictures of all the locations of the eggs!

When you have collected all 15 eggs, you will get this message:

So pretty  🙂  Not to ruin this triumphant moment or anything, but the eggs shown on the badge are from the last two years…and possibly older. I guess the art department was shorthanded this year -*shrugs*-

Anyway, thanx for tuning in to “Sapphire’s Secrets”! If you have any secrets to share (or a shout out or whatever), leave me a comment below  😉 

Cya soon ❤


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