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Mix & Match – Queen’s Boutique

Fly with you, Pixie Pals!

Wow. It’s been a while. Quite a long while actually… I found a little time and didn’t realize that I actually took pictures for a third Mix and Match while PH was still open. So here it is – the third installment of Mix & Match, showcasing the most luxurious shop in all of Pixie Hollow, featuring outfits the Queen herself chose; Queen’s Boutique.

I am also guilty of going on a mega-binge at the Boutique when PH announced the closure because gowns that were 100 diamonds were 20. :/ It was a good price so I bought pretty much every gown there. I enjoyed creating this mix and match. It was also a quick trip down Nostalgia Lane.

Mix & Match 1:

QMMBYIt’s a well-known fact that many of the boutique’s dresses had similar color combinations because these dresses are not able to be dyed. This just makes my job easier and I found this particular combination to be one of my favorites 😀

This gentle blue and yellow combination flows beautifully. I thought that this dress works really well since the sash on the Graceful Gown was yellow, as well as the bottom of the Fine Flowing Gown. This really does balance out the blue well, especially since the tiara and wedges also contain hints of yellow.

The one thing I might change is making the shadows of the skirt a little darker. The shadows of the top are much darker than the skirt so adding more shadows would create more harmony. 🙂

I really like the soothing feeling it gives off – perfect for a spring afternoon in the sunshine.

Mix & Match 2:

QMMGI really like the glamorous look of this one!

I remember thinking when the Vivacious Vines top came out, wow, that’s one beautiful top. The vines at the neckline are so intricate – so I thought it would be absolutely perfect for the golden dress.

This one is actually quite similar to the Queen’s dress in color… If you wanted to feel regal, this is the dress to do it. Gold is a royal colour after all 🙂

I love the tiara but I think it doesn’t stand out as much as some others might have. Maybe it’s just my hair color, but I thought the crown was pretty dark compared to the bright gold of the top.

That being said, the petals on the skirt (marigold petals?) are pretty dark so I guess it works well. The petals add a nice pop to the overall gown 🙂

I would add a belt of some sort though, because the top and the skirt look kind of disconnected… :/

I really like it though! Bright and sunny – perfectly suited to a warm summer formal 🙂

Mix & Match 3:

QMMMThis shade is absolutely stunning. I love magenta. It looks so pretty in this outfit.

It’s a little less formal because of the length of the skirt but I think it’s super cute. The barrette would look kind of weird if I didn’t choose a bun hairstyle but I love it anyway. 😛

I think I would change the color of the skirt to make it a little bit lighter but other than that, I think it looks pretty flitterific. Way to dress it down a little bit after all these formal floor length gowns. 😀

Honestly, I think this dress would work for any season – save winter; it would be cold! I think it would look especially beautiful against the pink cherry trees at Cherryblossom Heights. 🙂

Mix & Match 4:

QMMPPurple is one of my favorite colors. I loved the flowing look of the Irresistable Iris top paired with the beautiful curves of the Morning Glory Skirt. That skirt is probably one of my favorite pieces that Queen’s Boutique has ever released. That’s actually saying quite a bit because I really like most of the dresses released…

I decided to play up the sort of flowing, freeing feel of the outfit with the feather headpiece. I think it does end it in a pretty bold way.

At the same time, the shoes are simple and understated, which I think is classically beautiful in it’s own way. 😀

The one thing is that the color of the skirt and top don’t match up perfectly.. But it’s not too big of a deal. Adding a belt would probably help the disconnect in color.

QMMR05Now this one is bold. Red in general, is bold actually. Totally great for pixies that like making a statement at parties 🙂

It does happen to be a little more formal but I really like how the red hues work so well together. It’s a really classy dress, but it’s also really outgoing and daring, as the front of the skirt is short, but the back is flaring and diva-ish. Totally perfect for any Rosettas out there who want to go with this springtime look for any sort of ball, masquerade, or fancy party.

I also think the rose adds a nice accent.

All in all, this outfit is perfect for a party-pixie 🙂


Anyways, that’s it for now! I apologize for not having posted this sooner, because it has literally been sitting in my Draft box for like, a year, but it’s done now, so there you are 🙂

Have a favorite? Want to say hello? Leave me a comment below!

Minerva ❤






Remembering Animal Mother’s Day

When the flowers begin to bud, you know the little baby fuzzies and their mothers will be coming around soon.


Animal Mother’s Day was a day that celebrated all the wonderful animal mothers and their cute little babies. Fairies could see a couple cute animals in meadows and play with them for badges. Personally, I loved seeing the animals; they were just too cute! 😀


Here are some facts that you may or may not have known about this event:

Animal BannerMay 2010 ~*~ Animal Mother’s Day

Animal Mother’s Day was introduced to Pixie Hollow on May 3rd, 2011. Called Salute to Animal Mothers Week, it celebrated our cherished animals who nourish their young every year. It takes so much for just one of us pixies to raise an animal friend, I don’t know how they do it 😉 Fairies were encouraged to throw parties and the Spring 2010 Challenges badge was given to any pixie who played 5 party games at a party during that time. Beck visited some random pixie parties with animal related names as well.

A special Member-only quest was available at this time. Upon the completion of the quest, Fawn would reward the Members with a Wide Wicker Bed in Bluebird Blue.

No little fuzzies yet though; they come a little later 😉


Animal Mothers DayMay 2011 ~*~ Animal Mother’s Day

The name is as we know it – in 2011, Animal Mother’s Day was changed to it’s current name. It was released, again, on May 3rd and lasted a whopping 14 days, all the way to May 17th. Those who flew into the Hollow received the message: “The Animal Mothers need our help! Visit Fawn for a new quest!” Sweet Pea explained Fawn’s brilliant idea for that year:

Fawn has a great idea to honor animal mothers this year — she wants to give them the day off! Mama animals all over the Hollow work very hard all year long taking care of their babies, so we’re going to help them.

You guessed it – fairies could help take care of the little baby animals (!!) In the quest, Mom’s Day Off from Fawn, Members could help ensure that the mothers had a beautifully relaxing day by taking care of their super cute babies. As a reward, Fawn gave the fairies a brown tee with a huge pawprint on it.

Three badges – Clean Baby Bunny, Hungry Baby Chipmunk, and Sleepy Baby Owl – were all badges that could be earned during the event. But get this, it was for Members only! Too bad….

A special gift for Members was hidden in plain sight in Snowcap Glade. Hey, remember the night cap that we had to buy in order to get the badge for taking care of the baby owl? Yep, that’s the one! It was  the Stars Are Out Cap in Cornflower Blue. Members could collect it for free in 2011, which I think was pretty great, but at least with the arrival of diamonds, community fliers could buy it too 😉

And obviously, there were gifts in the Ballroom. From Animal Moms———————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

Animal 2012

May 2012 ~*~ Animal Mother’s Day

Animal Mother’s Day was announced in advance and returned May 8th and lasted until May 23th, which is an extremely long time for one event. The Animal Mothers really like being pampered for a day so they asked for it again this year. And like the kind fairy she is, Fawn agreed. The bunny, chipmunk, and owl were brought back to torture play with us for another year. Plus, there was a new little fuzzy that pixies could play with in Sunflower Gully.

As usual, there was a quest from Fawn. This time, Fawn wanted the Member fairies to help her create a gift for the new kitten and her mother, who were new to the Hollow. Fairies who completed the quest were awarded with a Baby Animal Portrait in Spring Breeze Green.

And what Pixie Hollow event had no free stuff for the Member fairies?

Gifts 2012Animal Friends also got a little festive. New outfits were released and available to be collected during the festival. A pair of kitten ears would surely brighten your day… Even if your Animal Friend wasn’t a kitten.


Wash Bunny 2013

May 2013 ~*~ Animal Mother’s Day

Animal Mother’s Day was released for the last time on May 2nd. This year, Critter Sitters were needed since the Mothers were taking time off. No questions, no nothing. They were just doing it. I guess they felt obliged to. Fawn felt a little lazy that year so it was up to Rosetta to take care of the little babies. Does anyone else find this kind of strange, coming from the garden-fairy who was afraid of dirt? Uhhh….

A special quest was released for all pixies from Rosetta. It was called Rosetta the Critter Sitter. Pixies who completed it were given the badge and, correct me if I’m wrong, a package of Spring Style Seeds.

Obviously, the Ballroom was opened to Members, who could collect a Coffee Black Kitten Knit Hat. As usual, the animals were back in the meadows, ready to be pampered 😛


Closing Thoughts

I’ll be honest – Animal Mother’s Day never was my favorite event in the history of Pixie Hollow. I mean, I loved seeing the cute fuzzies in the meadows as much as the next fairy, but other than that, there was nothing much. Well, that was probably because most of the event quests were for Members only. I did, however, enjoy the year where all players could complete that quest from Rosetta. Being a non-Member for most of my pixie life, it was a little difficult to be super excited about an event you couldn’t really do that much in.

But I have to admit, those baby animals were seriously cute. Even animal-haters (and face it, who can hate cute little baby animals?) would have to bow down and ‘awww’ at their cuteness.

I can definitely see why the Never Council arranged for the baby animals to stay in the meadows. They were just too cute – there was no way any fairy could resist giving the bunny a bath or playing with the kitten a bit. I was a little disappointed the years where everything was practically the same as the previous year, but it can’t be helped, since I always look for something new in each event.

What are your favorite memories of Animal Mother’s Day or playing with the animals? Leave me a comment below – I’d definitely love to hear! 😀

Minerva ♥



Remembering the Spring Celebration

Spring is here! Clovers are in bloom.. And the meadows are no longer suffering from the weather.

Spring Welcome

Spring Celebration was an event celebrating the arrival of spring to the Mainland. The fairies admired the rainbows that appeared in the spring meadows, and of course, went clover hunting.


Here are some interesting facts you may or may not have known about the Spring Celebration:

Happy SpringMarch 2009 *~* Clover Celebration

The Clover Celebration was released in Pixie Hollow on March 13th, 2009. It was fairly low-key, only lasting 6 days, and included a Clover Hunt, beautifully green meadows, and visits from Rosetta. It was mainly just an event to celebrate the coming of spring, which means green! Lots and lots of green 🙂

Fairies could also collect a new badge by finding Rosetta’s lucky clover. Sweet Pea explained that Rosetta had spent time tending a rare clover to hide in one of the spring meadows, to make an activity for the fairies. It sounds a little iffy to me though – I mean, it’s a rare clover, why would you spend the year growing it just to hide it in a meadow?



March 2010 *~* Spring Clover Celebration

The Clover Celebration’s name was changed to Spring Clover Celebration, and was released on March 2oth, 2010. The event only lasted for 4 days. This year, there was a huge rainstorm beforehand and ruined all the event preparations. The spring meadows were covered with rainclouds and the meadows were gray. The pixies who entered the Hollow during the celebration received the following announcement: “Spring Clover Celebration is here! Find the Golden Clovers to get your badge!”

The clover hunt from the previous year turned into a Golden Clover Hunt, and there were 12 of them. Fairies who found all 12 clovers were awarded the Golden Clover Collector badge.

In honor of the coming of spring, the Ballroom opened to Member fairies – who else? They could enter the Ballroom and pick up a gift, a pair of Really Rainy Boots in Corncob Yellow.

For the first time, the Minister of Spring paid a visit to the pixies in the Ballroom. He also left a gift – a Vine Headband in Never Gold.

Beautiful rainbows sprouted up in every spring meadow. This is about as close as I’ll ever get to seeing a quadruple rainbow. 🙂




March 2011 *~* Spring Celebration

Winter is on its way out, and spring is almost here. Get ready to welcome the glorious green season with a colorful celebration! But first, we have a little problem to solve …

Spring Celebration (which had its name changed… again) returned to Pixie Hollow on March 20th, 2011. The event lasted for 8 days, and as usual, there was trouble before spring. There was a huge drought in Spring Valley! It was only after spring was saved that the celebration could take place, which was probably why it was a little late that year. Players who helped save spring received the badge, Saving Spring.

The Ballroom was opened to the Member fairies and a gift was there to be collected. Surprise, surprise! It was a Corncob Yellow Rain Hat. I don’t understand why they were given a rain hat though. Hadn’t Spring Valley just been through a drought?  There was also a new badge for the Member players, called 2011 Spring Celebration.

But the trouble wasn’t over. The Everblossom, which was introduced for the first time, was wilting. Fairies had to Make Rain in order to save it. They were rewarded with a shiny new badge, Making Rain. Enough fairies made it rain and so, the Everblossom began to bloom again. Afterwards, to say their thanks, Rosetta and the Minister of Spring paid a visit to the fairies in the Ballroom.

Member fairies could fly to the Ballroom and click on the blooming Everblossom. What would happen, you ask? A beautiful display of butterflies would appear.



Ring in Spring

March 2012 *~* Spring Celebration

The Spring Celebration returned on March 20th and lasted until April 1st, a new record. Since the celebration is always jinxed with some kind of problem beforehand, that year, the spring meadows are overgrown with clovers and all the baby animals are lost. Members can pick up a new quest from Fawn to help save the animals.

Again, a Golden Clover hunt was put on for all fairies. Pixies who found all 10 clovers were given the 2012 Golden Clover badge for their Spring 2012 badge collection.

Like every year, the Ballroom was opened to the Member fairies, who could pick up yet another gift there. The Member pixies received a Clover Green Bell Jar Bouquet. The Minister of Spring came out of hiding like he does every spring.. I have a theory that all the Ministers go into hiding when it isn’t their respective season. And the beautiful spring meadows were filled with rainbows.


Golden Clovers

March 2013 *~* Spring Celebration

Here we are at last, the final year of the Spring Celebration. In 2013, this event was released on the 20th of March and lasted 10 days. Beforehand, there was a flood and pixies had to scramble to prepare for spring. Players who flew in between March 5th and March 19th got this message: “Spring Valley’s totally flooded! Iridessa needs your help to clear up the mess!”

A special quest, which was available to Member and Community fairies alike, (weird, I know, but maybe Pixie Hollow finally decided to allow the Community fairies to be included 😉 ) could be completed for the preparations. Pixies began at Rosetta’s and were given a packet of Spring Style seeds.

In honor of the coming celebration, the Ballroom was opened and Members could pick up a pack of Dulcie’s Truffle Seeds. When the flooding arrived, the Minister moved the Everblossom from Spring Valley to the Ballroom, where only Members could admire it’s glory. Ugh, so exclusive. Member fairies could collect an umbrella, meaning that they could be dry when the Community pixies were left sopping in the rain.

Something new that came this year was that players could plant seeds in the Spring meadows. It was costless and interactive, which was new and pretty awesome 😀

All the same as the previous year, a Golden Clover hunt was something all fairies could participate in, Members got a gift in the Ballroom, and got another gift when the Minister came to visit… Yada yada. Although, the gift from the Minister was pretty cool: a Pewter Gray Rainbow Waterfall.


Closing Thoughts

I don’t know, to be honest, it was a pretty small scale event and so I never really got super excited or it. On the Mainland, it’s a pretty big deal since the winter is brutally snowy.. At least, it is where I am. Being a Community fairy myself, there wasn’t all that much I could even do. As Marigold said, it’s hard to get excited for an event you can’t even participate in. Since I became a Member during the summer, the spring not that big a deal.

I definitely liked it better in 2013, when the special quest which I could actually participate in came. Plus, I got a freebie, which I can never refuse 😉 The Golden Clover hunt was a thing I’d spend 10 minutes on, and then just ignore. I wish that the Never Council had put on some sort of production for the coming of spring, maybe with the Ministers. What I found kind of upsetting was that I never really got the chance to meet Tink, Sil, or any of the Ministers, since most of their visits were held in the Ballroom, which I never got to enter because I wasn’t a Member. I was fine without any of the gifts, but what was a little bit of a sore spot for me was that I didn’t really get to meet any of the Famous Fairies.

I did love all the green in the meadows though, especially the year where there was a huge clover growth spurt – I love green! I remember flying to all the shops numerous times and trying on all the spring fashions. Autumn and summer fashions are nice, but my favorite outfits always came in the spring 🙂

Looking back now, all the tragedies that happened before spring were actually pretty funny. Every year, the pixies tried to prepare for the season flawlessly, but every year, something always went wrong. Blame the weather. 😛

What were your favorite memories of spring? Leave me a comment below ♥

~ Minerva ~

Mix & Match – Gale’s Outfitters

Fly with you pixie pals! Wow, it’s been a while, but I’m back and better then ever 🙂

I tried to gather enough screenshots to be able to continue some mix & matching after the closing of Pixie Hollow. So with great pleasure, I bring forth two mix & matches for you 🙂

Mix & Match 1:

Gale MMR

This floral dress is perfect for spring! The brilliant red with some black accents make a fabulous  I guess I was inspired by all the red I saw in Gale’s. Plus, I’ve always loved the Morpho Butterfly Sash and Top. I didn’t like how the Butterfly Sash would always look so weird with all my other skirts so I mixed and matched out a nice red skirt that didn’t actually make the sash look awkward and oddly angled. Boots with a pretty skirt was always a favorite pairing of mine. Since the skirt is so short, I think it works quite well. For those fairies who are uncomfortable with boots, some lovely flats dyed a similar colour will also work out perfectly. 😀 The only things I would change about this are the colors. I would dye the skirt Strawberry Red to match the top and belt. Then, I’d probably dye the belt black and the boots Strawberry Red and Raven Black.

Moving on to the second mix & match… Fans of wintry colours, this is for you!

Gale MMW

It’s like mixing winter colours and summer styles together. I don’t know about you, but I fell in love with the White Rose dress the minute I saw it. I adore white since it’s so clean and pristine. I just had to use the skirt – it’s just too gorgeous! The fox top went so perfectly that I couldn’t resist… The beautiful flower headpiece and light blue sandals complete this dreamy look that could look great in summer or winter! It might be a little chilly in winter so I suggest a long blue coat to go along with it! 😀 The one thing I would change is probably the shadows in the skirt. It might just be me but it looks a little awkward with the top. Well, can’t be helped.

Have a favorite? Questions? Comments? Concerns? Leave me a comment 😉

Fly With You,


Mix & Match ~ Summit Style

Fly with you! It’s my first official post as the author of Mix & Match! Wow… This is incredible! 😀

Even though I’m a water-talent pixie, I still love fashion and believe that it’s some sort of  magic itself. Pair together a top, skirt, shoes and add some cute accessories and voila! It’s amazing isn’t it? Simple parts that don’t look great on their own still have the potential to be gorgeous! Magic.

Since all the shops have so many outfits now, I’ll be tackling one shop at a time and featuring a few outfits from each (It’s too difficult for me to only choose one) Later on, I’ll begin to challenge myself and mix pieces from different shops! Today’s featured shop is Summit Style and I have two mix & match outfits to be shown. 😀

Here’s the first one:

SS M&M Red


To make this outfit more uniform, I would dye the white fringe on the blouse black to coordinate with the pants. I’d also dye the headpiece and shoes Dianthus red and Raven Black. That way, everything would be coordinate well with everything else and nothing would look out of place or anything. Since everyone has been made a Member with the closing, (I guess it makes closing a bit sweeter) I was able to buy the pieces and dye them accordingly. You can find both dye shades at Daisy’s Dyes. I headed over to the Dye Shop and dyed everything, here’s the result:


Fabulous! I love how everything flows together seamlessly now that it’s all the same colour. The outfit gives off a Gothic rocker princess vibe; I like it 😉 If Gothic princess isn’t your style,  you can always keep the fringe white and dye the pants white as well.


I think it looks great either way!  Moving on, here’s Mix & Match number 2!


This outfit is maybe a little too warm for early September but I love it! Maybe it would be better for late October or early November. It’s a perfect Aurora style outfit; something she would wear if it if she were to ever wear pants. Yeah… Not that likely but you can be warm and stylish at the same time! I know the outfit itself is rather dreary, so maybe a colorful sash or hair ribbon in the same colour would help. I also rather like it the way it is… But if anyone were to experiment with it, please leave me a comment on how it turned out! I actually rather like how it is right now, but to have it more uniform, I would dye the pants the right colour, ( Raven Black, to match the top and everything else) Other than that, I think it’s pretty good…


And that conclude Mix & Match for today! 😀 If anyone tries out my mix & matches, please let me know with a perhaps a link to your Pixie Page? If not, I’ll be thrilled you tried it out anyhow 😉

Questions? Comments? Wanting to say hi? Leave me a comment below! 🙂

Fly With You,


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