Hair Highlights are Here!

Start off the new year with a bold new look in Schelly’s Hair Salon! In honor of Art Month and endless creativity, Schelly is releasing a permanent addition to her salon – hair highlights! Fly to the salon in Palm Tree Cove now to start experimenting with the many possible color combinations. Show off your creativity with blonde, red, or even electric-hued highlights (like mine)!

Because both hair highlights and the new January shop collections come out today, Marina will be flying in on Thursday to pick out Fairies for her January Fashion Spotlight. That gives you a couple of days to perfect your outfits for your chance of being featured here on the Never News!

Happy flapping!

Sweet Pea


Q: Do you have any tips on how to make our highlights stand out in colors?
A: Make your highlights really stand out by choosing a highlight color that’s nothing like your hair color.

Q: Are you going to keep your hair highlights? I love the way you look in it!
A: Hee hee! Not sure yet if I’ll keep my Electric Pink highlights, but it’s oh so fun to try out a new look! 

Q: Can you help me find a new hair highlight? I do not think anything goes with mud brown dye.
A: Happy to help! I like the way Copper Brown highlights look with Mud Brown hair, or Pomegranate Purple highlights are also a pretty pick!

Q: Do they have every color that you can dye your hair available for highlights?
A: Every color that you can dye your hair is available for highlights too. That’s a lot of colors to choose from, huh?

Q:  Do you know a color highlight for pepper black hair to stand out in color?
A: Almost every highlight color stands out against Pepper Black hair. I especially like the Electric Purple and Pepper Black color combo!


To see the original post and more comments, click here.


By request, here’s my favorite hairstyle-highlight combination so far:

To get this look, use Star Strands Front, Girly Curlies Back, Driftwood Brown Hair Dye, and Pale Rose Red Highlights.

What are your favorite color combinations and hairstyles?


3 responses to this post.

  1. (If I had the chance) my perfect holiday hairdo would be a windswept High Flowing Ponytail paired with Side Swept Bangs – it looks like a cool winter breeze is rustling through my hair :). Of course, hot chocolate is a VITAL part of the holidays, so I would dye my reddish blonde hair Chocolate Brown, and since chocolate goes so well with strawberries, I would highlight my hair Strawberry Red. And of course, red is very holiday-ish! Hey have you noticed, the greenish bluish aquaish tinged Side Swept Bangs do not change color if you highlight your hair! What color highlights and hairdo would you get if you had the chance, Marigold?


    • Your hairstyle-highlight combination is awesome! It’s so festive and fun! Thanks for sharing it with me 😀

      I tried quite a few hairstyle-highlight combinations, and my favorite so far has been Pale Rose Red Highlights in my natural hair color (Driftwood Brown) with the Star Strands Front and Girly Curlies Back. I’ll add a picture of it to this post so you can see it 🙂


  2. Oh, that’s lovely! I love how the highlights go with the Star Strands Front. It’s very blended and looks very natural. When you put the highlights in, it looks natural but when you take them out it’s so different! Girly Curlies are so charming on you!


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