The Hollow is back!

Please read Harmony’s awesome post about all the updates to FairyABC!!! 😀
♥ Marigold

The Pixie Diaries

Hey guys, it’s Harmony!!

The update on FairyABC is finally done and you can all go and play now!


So, here I am right now still in FairyABC collecting interesting snapshots for you to see!

Let’s go one thing at a time shall we?


Alright so let’s go over all the things we’ve gotten back with this update.

  1. Places

We got several new places to go to – well not exactly new but they weren’t there on the first version of the game.

The first place is – Frosty Forest!


Dewdrop was kind enough to take this snapshot – the entrance is the same from Evergreen Overlook  just click on the basket on the ropes in the tree and you’re in the Frosty Forest area.
The cookie shop that was there once isn’t though, so even If the house is there the shop isn’t working.
Second place we got back…

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One response to this post.

  1. ABC has many problems still and if and when fixed could be great.


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