The Versatile Blogger Award

Hi, Pixies!

I’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by the amazingly wonderful Natalie Davis 😀



If you like Disney and beauty, you will love Natalie’s blog ❤ Click here to check it out 🙂


Rules for this Award:

•Thank the person who has nominated for this award and leave a link in your post to their website.

•Nominate 15 blogs that are excellent.

•Tell your nominees about this award with a link to your post.

•Finally, tell seven things about yourself.


Seven Facts About Me:

(I’m using senses for answer topics)

1. Sight: I wear contacts  0↓0

2. Sound: I love listening to music, because the right song can instantly put me into a good mood 🙂

3. Smell: The aroma of baking bread is heavenly…mmm

4.Taste: Milky Way Caramel Apple Minis are my favorite candy right now ❤

5. Touch: I find it so comforting to wrap up in a fluffy blanket and sip from a mug of hot tea 🙂

6. Balance: When I’m feeling off-balance due to stress, lack of sleep, or a hectic schedule, I try to refocus and clear my mind by finding time to shut myself off from the world. No noise. No distractions. Just me, my thoughts, and a pen and paper to jot some notes on.

7. Temperature: I am very sensitive to hot temperatures. Some love really hot, summer days at the beach, but I’m not one of those pixies – I overheat too quickly  :/


Pixies I Nominate for this Award:

I wish to nominate ALL of the active PBC bloggers for this award! 😀 Although Pixie Hollow has been closed for over 2 years, these awesome pixies still find things to post about and stay connected in the PBC  ❤

Active PBC Bloggers: Crystal, Elva, Gwyn, Hazel, Joy, Minerva, Phoebe, Raindrop, Raven, Rose Applefog, Rose MorningMistRose (Pixie Gal), Sarah, Seastorm, Stella, Sunrise, and Tessa.


♥ Marigold


One response to this post.

  1. Wow! Thank you so much for the nomination, Marigold!!!
    I as continue my journey into “blog-hood”, I hope to become more versatile. 😉
    :O You put my blog in the roll! Thanks! 😀


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